Friday, October 03, 2008


Today Kelly and co. leave again... it has been wonderful having them here.... it's just so neat that they can visit so often. Baby Rena is getting used to us now and doesn't cry at us.

I have masses of housework to do today.... all the usual stuff really.... how boring!

Also, I might just pop over to a garden centre and try and find some grape vines to plant down the side of the property... I wanna grow grapes!!! YUM YUM.

WE watched a programme on TV last night about a 1,000 pound man in the States, so sad ... and scary..... made me realise why I want to stay in a healthy weight range... so pull finger Chris! STOP procrastinating... get on with it.

I have masses of Brylee's Birthday Cake in the pantry, and... I AM HAVING NONE OF IT. FULL STOP. END OF STORY.

I want to be 'gorgeous' again! ha ha ha... as if. But slim again would be GOOD.

ABOVE: Brylee blowing out her candles... and it really was a lovely yummy chocolate cake! I will be getting the same sort for MY BIRTHDAY.... which is now not that long away! Party on the 19th... lunch onwards... YOU are welcome to come ... as long as ya BRING A CARD!!! lol. Any blogger out there who 'knows me' is welcome, just send me a personal email on : for the address.

Hmmm, enough procrastination I think, dishes, vacuming, beds, bloody washing... AWAITS ME. Shit I'm so lucky.

- washing.... DONE
- vacuming....DONE
- beds made....DONE
- dishes .... DONE
- Plant store, grapes plants bought.... DONE
- lunch.... DONE

Relax..... DOING.

I have spent the afternoon trying to re-arrange the garage some more, I'm still not happy with it.

Stew came home early to get dressed for a 'work do' tonight... it's a 1920's THEME PARTY and everyone had to go dressed in 'Character'... Stew's Character was:

JEROME BROWN, The GAY Deputy Mayor...... Doesn't he look GORGEOUS!!!

CHECK . OUT . THOSE . SHOES ! Oh yeah baby, I can't wait till you come home! *snigger*

End of Day: I'm tired, head achy, and wish my kids had a 'volume' switch SOMEWHERE!! I'm ready to send them off to bed so I can have some QUIET TIME....
NSV: dayyymmm, none again! I feel fat and awful, me knickers keep sliding off me arse... tis not a good look let alone 'feel'.... *sigh*.... nite nite.


  1. dont be so hard on yourself..

    you're gorgeous now...

  2. I lost 25 lbs and am trying to keep it off. Good luck to you!

  3. I saw the program and like you it got me thinking.... I to never want to get like that but can also see how easily it can be done, especially if you have someone around to enable you. Hell a kilo here and there is so easy to add and before you know it you have another 20 kilos gained in weight and so on.... Have a great day :-)

  4. LOL - keep feeding the cake to the kids so you aren't tempted!

  5. I'm going to start Weight Watchers seems like they always succeed and people keep their weight off.
    The cake looks good enough to eat!

  6. hi there,

    I don't know if the shop told you anything about planting grapes so I had better say that its a good idea to stunt their root growth as if allowed, they will put all there energy into putting down long deep roots and no energy into fruiting.

    when I planted grapes my little gardening book advised me to through some pumice into the hole. This meant that the root system would stay shallow (and branch out) rather then going deep. I had a fantastic lot of grapes off my old vines so it seemed to work.

    (if you don't have access to pumice then anything like a little scoria rock or even some old broken concrete will work just as well. (so my book says).

  7. Ahahahahaha! That is so funny! :-D
    Go Dad!

  8. Remember beauty comes from within :)
    So by my reckoning you are pretty ok..........
    Have a great weekend

  9. I think you look gorgeous!!! And I can tell you have the personality to match! We all have days like will pass. but yeah.....leave the cake in the pantry!!!!! That man looks hot in his white suit....I bet you cheered up when he got home!:)

  10. LOL ... Only you would put "relax" on your list of things to check off for the day!

    Wow - 1,000 pounds, I was scared enough when I discovered that at my heaviest I weighed over 300 pounds, you can't help but feel for a person that's gotten themselves into that situation.

    Love the look Stew :-)

  11. You are a beautiful woman, you are doing it the right way not too fast. The cake was so pretty, I hope Brylee had a wonderful birthday, I wished I lived closer to make your party. The card will have to do.

  12. Stew looks awesome!

    The cake looked yummy - I wish I could have helped finish it off!


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