Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I swear I am CONSTANTLY jamming my bloody fingers in doors and cupboards in this house!!!

I did it once too often yesterday and swore like a trooper AND stamped my foot! I suppose I will get used to the different doors/cupboards and how they close EVENTUALLY! Till then, be thankful you don't live next door to this foul-mouthed tart!


Expecting visitors... Kelly, her step-son Leigh and baby Rena... they are coming up for a couple of days, and hopefully we can visit the zoo ... if the weather holds.
She is also going to babysit for me on Thursday when I have a hospital appointment...
I havn't been to Middlemore Hospital before and want to catch the train there... it could be interesting!

Remember how much Griffin HATES cooked hot vegetables? He even throws up sometimes... well....

The little shit just LOVES salads! Go figure, it's still vegetables, just not cooked and cold. I could throttle him. But I won't. I'll just feed the little shit salads forever.

ONWARD, got to make up the cot for Rena etc....

Kelly, Leigh and Rena arrived, and off we went to the ZOO! Walked around for 3 hours then came home. Did I take photos? NO... I was an idiot and forgot my camera! BAD BLOGGER, BAD, BAD, BAD.

ABOVE: You are NEVER too young to play with the Playstation.... even if it's only chewing on the control!
2 seconds after this photo was taken Teddy (puppy) ran up and slobbered all over her face and she fell back on her head! *sigh* Face washed, no damage done.

End of Day: I'm tired and a bit grumpy, going to bed early. Nice to have visitors though.

NSV: got lots of exercise! nite nite.


  1. thats funny.. my son is a nut for salads too!

  2. You're on a roll here. Just redo the cabinets! I'm living vicariously through all the stuff you're doing. New fences, new playground, a garden.

    These are things I've been wanting for *11* years and still haven't happened. You might as well get the kitchen redo done as well so I can kinda see what life is like in paradise. :]

    Bless ya hon. Hope you get a good report from your physician.

  3. Aww thanks hun! Enjoy your day

  4. HAHAHAHA! Nicole wouldn't dare touch broccoli, squash or the like, but she WILL eat a huge salad. She eats mixed veggies too, but actually picsk the bean out of green beans to eat, lol.

  5. Trevor loves salads too!

    I kicked a saxaphone case and then ran into the door knob in the bathroom this morning and cussed up a storm too. My mom said she has no corners left in her hallway from me always walking into them!

  6. I confess I didn't send you card yet! (What day is your birthday again?? Do I still have time?)

    But I left you a little present on my blog :O)

  7. Wow, it's great that he loves salads! Guy is almost 3 and has yet to have a single vegetable pass his lips! Luckily for me, he loves fruit... xxx

  8. Heaps more nutrients too when they're not cooked!

  9. Anonymous2:12 PM

    How did I get sooooo far behind on here?!?! House and yard look great. You too! Good that Griffin eats salad! It's better than cooked vegetables!

    I've been a bad blog friend and not sent you a card yet. I will get one out ASAP... but I don't know how long it will take to get from here to there! I need to go find a card suitable for a crusty old tart such as yourself!

  10. Rena has grown up so much!!! Very cute:-)

  11. I have trouble getting my son to eat any veggies....except for pickles or potatoes. Glad your son likes salad...mine doesn't yet.

    Your house/outdoors is looking good. You guys have been busy!

  12. hey ya. :)
    Saturday sounds good. Will chat to ya about the details (msn or phone).... looks like I will be bringing a salad. lol

  13. Anonymous10:33 PM

    You know, I'd rather eat salads than cooked vegetables too. Have never been a cooked veggie lover - used to drive my mum nuts and now drives my hubbys nuts. I just do a good job of hiding it in front of the kids while still making them eat their

  14. Hope you get use to the cupboards soon. How odd yet good he likes fresh veggies. We couldn't get DS to eat anything that was Green when he was young, not even candy. Fortunately his tastebuds have change and now eats everything under the sun, well except sushi that is.

  15. Oh isn't she just adorable - she looks so big, doesn't seem that long ago you were posting about her birth!!!

    As to the salads - yep, same thing here. Lachlan won't eat vegetables at the moment but he is obsessed with tomatoes - and could just about live on fruit, the other day all he wanted for lunch was an apple, banana and some cheese - can't complain too much about that huh?

    Glad you had a good time at the zoo!


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