Monday, October 20, 2008


Here goes:

First thing in the morning, Griffin with his favourite person in THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD... his beloved Uncle Steve.

Teddy saying "Good morning" to Abby....
Starting to look like a PARTY!

A really nice mix of friends, family, neighbours and blogger buddies.

Brylee was thrilled to bits to have another wee girl to play with... usually it's her and BLOODY BOYS!

Four of our 6 grandchildren, eating lunch.....On me sunlounger...

More lovely people.... yakking.....

Getting ready to blow out the birthday candles.....

That's it! Funnily enough we didn't take too many photos... too busy me thinks.


Kids to school, big boys leave for Palmerston North again... and I get to ..... tidy up and then relax!


Thanks to Lynda, we have a photo of the cake:

And after I had attacked it with the knife! I wasn't complimented on me cake cutting... hmmmmm... I don't see the problem, do you?

CARDS!!!! Well... I am going to post photos of all of them tomorrow...and in fact they are not all here yet! So, if ya don't see your's ... I ain't got it yet! If you didn't send me one... you are a shit. (LOL) I had the best time ever opening all me cards, each and every one made me smile... I WAS LIKE A PIG IN SHIT... HAPPY AS COULD BE. ha ha ha.

Steve had a flat tyre so had to get that fixed first thing this morning, and we went over to Sylvia Park and bought Mike his birthday present (hair straighteners)... he's such a girl! Well, with his hair he is anyway. They have left for Palmerston North now and it's lovely and quiet at my house. I am so tired from the party preperations etc that I am now off to have.... A GRANNY NAP! yaaaaaa.

End of Day: a quiet afternoon... no nap (bugger)... but did rest. Got lots of housework to do tomorrow... did bugger all today!

NSV: I had some pototoe chips (crisps) tonight and dang! I don't like them anymore!!! This is friggin great! I hadn't had any in literally years... I am certainly over them! nite nite.


  1. Looks like it was fun!

  2. Hey Chris, glad to hear you had a wonderful day!
    If your free on friday let me know, i have my mock exams this week and i've got friday off if you wana catch up =]

  3. Looks like you had a grand old time :-) Sorry I couldn't make it, hope you got the card though!

  4. Happy Birthday for yesterday!!!!! Sorry I didn't get online til today...
    hope you had a wonderful day!!!!

  5. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Hi, tis the "card lady" here. Another 4 in the box this morning. Took the "cheap" option and crossed out the addy and redirected it to your place. Should be there in a few days. 3 from Oz and 1 from South Africa. Will check again later in the week for the last of the stragglers. Glad you had an awesome to you later in the week :-) Michele

  6. we had a great time, was lovely to meet everyone.

    Will catch up with ya again soon for coffee :)

  7. Looks like a great day was had by all. Great photos...really enjoyed them:)

  8. Well .... wheres the photo of all the cards.. You better take one... after all that whinging we wanna see what you got!!

  9. Happy birthday for yesterday Chris, looks like you had a wonderful day, im so glad, you bloody deserve it!

  10. Looks like you guys had a great time! And I personally think you did an excellent job with the cake. Cutting straight lines is over rated.

  11. CRAP! I finally remember to pick up a card and you've already had your party!!!!!!! Oh well, guess I'll just chuck it in the bin....

  12. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Can't wait to see photos of the cards!

  13. Great to hear you had fun! Did you get my card??

  14. I'm so glad you had a nice birthday. It looks like a wonderful party!

  15. what fun mate!!

    i wish i lived closer...
    i would have come for sure...

    great pics... love them all

  16. Happy Happy Birthday girlfriend!! I wish I could have come to the's clear you know how to throw a fun bash!!!!

  17. It looks like you had a great time at your party.

    Love the photo's...

  18. Looks as though you had a grand ol' day!!

    Congratulations on surviving your first half century and welcome to the second half!! :-)

  19. So glad you had a great day mate, looking forward to seeing all your cards

  20. Happy Birthday, Chris! May you have many, many more! Did you get the traditional one spank for every year lived? That's what we do here in the good ol' U.S. of A. :)

    Your party looks awesome, and you had good weather! Yay!

  21. Looks like it was a great party! And how fab that the boys surprised you! Great birthday pressie hehe

  22. Wow what a beautiful cake and its BLUE...... Hope you enjoyed you day.

    Daughter #3

  23. hi ya,

    I made it home safe and sound and was VERY tempted to take a day off work as I was so tired. (driving in the sun is a sure fire way to zonk oneself out, and the four glasses of wine I consumed probably didn't help).

    Thanx for walking me 'home', it was great to meet a few more bloggers and finally put some real live people to the words I have been reading for so long.

  24. What a wonderful party! Happy Birthday. Your cake was so pretty! Hope you have recovered from your festivities!

  25. Happy Birthday. Glad you had a good Knee's Up.

  26. Oh, it looks like 50 people were there!! You had quite the turnout!

  27. I hope you had a grea birthday. You do know that's a strage way of cutting a cake.


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