Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Would you believe I went without my beloved DIET COKE for an entire 3 months!!!

WHY??? Cos after my operation I simply could not tolerate it! Last week I had a couple of drinks of Diet Coke while out and about with Kelly... and OH. MY. GOD. .... it didn't taste vile, it didn't give me heartburn, it didn't keep me awake with tummy ache.... I CAN DRINK IT AGAIN!!!

This bugger.....
Is heading MY WAY !

I am SURE that the alternative I have been drinking (Just Juice and water) has not been helping in the weight loss efforts (such as they are).... I AM GOING BACK TO MY DIET COKE .... I know it isn't the best drink on the planet...but if it was totally EVIL they wouldn't be able to sell it eh? That's my reasoning, and I'm sticking to it. FULL. STOP. END. OF. STORY.

No one is allowed to lecture me on this.... cos I can just IGNORE YOU! And I will.

- into town to pay for camera Memory Card that I bought on Trademe.
- Get Birthday Card for girlfriends in Aussy (HI BRIONY and MELLISA!).
- Morning Tea with Lynda and her wee grandson F.

After that, who knows? Might come home and blob out! (with a Diet Coke of course!)

MARSHY: Ahhhh.... but cigarettes are sold with HEALTH WARNINGS plastered all over them, and we see HEALTH WARNINGS on the TV too! Diet Coke does not come with any HEALTH WARNINGS eh? I rest my case.....

The kids and I have had a wonderful morning, we went into Manurewa and did a banking job, then on to Sylvia Park for some CARDS for some girlfriends in Aussy... then off to visit Lynda and her grandson 'F' for morning tea.

We spent a happy couple of hours chatting away, and I don't know how we got onto the topic of TV, and taping shows... BUT WE DID ... and Lynda told me all about MY SKY and how you never have to miss your favourite programmes again, and how you can pause a live programme etc etc!!!

So rang Stew right there and then and asked him "could we PLEASE get MY SKY?" .... I do believe we will.... Here is Lynda holding the EVIL WEE REMOTE .. that does EVERYTHING! I'm blaming her for making me spend hundreds of dollars!!!

I'm JUMPING up to the 'Testing' post now.....

I just heard this gorgeous song.. "A Little Respect" by Erasure... so posted it.

AND I put it on me ipod too! Thanks Steve for showing me how to.

The rest of today will be on "Testing"..... bye.


  1. Love Diet Coke as well, I make sure I have my 2 litres of water then I am allowed my treat of diet coke LOL.

  2. but if it was totally EVIL they wouldn't be able to sell it eh?

    *raises eyebrow*

    Cigarettes are totally evil and there seems to be no slowdown in the sales of those!

    [oh you know its my job to be a killjoy Chris, hah! :-P]

  3. Anything in moderation is my motto!

  4. Yay to the diet coke. I don't drink coffee and don't smoke. It is totally my vice!

    Have a great Tuesday!

    Ps. Thanks for your comments on my blog.. ;)

  5. LOL- gotta love Diet coke!!!!! But you drank water???? Yay!!!!

    Its not evil and to each his own!!! Drink it all day everyday, I do!!

    I haven't forgotten your card either!!

  6. Well I say drink what you like because you dont know what tomorrow brings.

  7. don't worry, I certainly won't be saying anything against diet coke. I have a few 'do gooders' who hassle me about my coffee consumption and find it a tad hypercritical that these same people indulge in a few less then ideal/healthy vices of their own but seem to conveniently over look their daily purchase of donuts, chips, or chocolate from the school tuck shop and target in on me when they see me drinking coffee at lunch time.

    I think its a case of 'until one's own life is excempt from any evil, then one should never feel in a position to point out anyone else's perceived failures'. which basically translates to to 'adults are old enough to make their own descisions regarding all facets of their life, so best keep ones mouth shut regarding the choices they make. lol

    And yes, I can certainly bring the bro co lee salad, are we doing desserts/sweet food as well?

  8. Hehe, glad you are back on your diet coke. I personally am a diet pepsi chick;)

  9. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Ohhhhhhhhh Chris, I'm with Marshie - have you really looked into the whole Diet Coke thing? I know I'll be unpopular too but who cares, it's hardly a change from the usual! :P

    I found this interesting reading...




    Now don't be getting all cranky at cranky, it's only your health I am concerned about!

    I have been addicted to the old Diet Coke, and was drinking a LOT per day (sometimes close to 2 litres!) I have slowly given it up and now drink a can every 2 days or so. I feel a LOT better health wise. I am trying to give it up altogether.

    As for the argument that if it was totally evil they wouldn't be able to sell it - well, it took them a LONG time to get warnings on Ciggies, so maybe in the future when our bodies are ravaged and our brains fried they will be able to say "Oh, yeah. There's a problem."

    Look at asbestos!!!!

  10. Well ... Diet Coke tastes a bit weid over here, so I usually drink Pepsi Zero.

    Non-diet Coke and Pepsi tastes really terrible here. It's loaded with the High Fructose Corn Syrup ... makes the stuff really sweet. Blerk !!!

  11. It was lovely to have you guys here today Chris - your kids certainly seemed to enjoy themselves once they made themselves at home.

    Oh gooooodddddd..... I am looking so old though. No wonder I don't get my photo taken much now :(

  12. OhMiGod - MYSKY ROCKS!!! Once you have it, you will wonder how the hell you EVER did without it - honestly!!!
    **note to self** Go Buy Chris a Damn card!!!!!

  13. You go girl, Yay to the Diet Coke.... Sounds like you had a great day...

  14. Anonymous12:07 AM

    I have no idea how you did it.

    nary a day goes by here without DC.

    sad? yes

    true? si.

  15. LOL, I am going to go now and purchase stock in Diet Coke again, I'm sure that it will be rising very soon. Thanks for the tip.


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