Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Yesterday it friggin well pissed down (with gale force winds) ... came in sideways it did! I didn't know we had any 'damage' till late last night when I went into our bedroom.... and saw the curtains.... there was something different about them... then it clicked....

They were sopping wet! So was the carpet.... so Stew and I spent a good deal of time mopping up the carpet....

The sliding door thingee at the bottom DOES have two wee drainage holes in it, but they were BLOCKED eh? So now we have to go around the whole house and check all the drainage holes are clear, don't want a repeat performance.


Not sure really, don't need to go anywhere or do much ... housework is always there, stuff it. I might just stay home and (dare I say it?) DO NOTHING???

Can you imagine it?

Well true to my word, I have done bugger all this morning! I fed the kids, straightened my hair and downloaded some more songs for me ipod. THAT'S IT!

And.... it's not raining anymore! Sunshine people! Might go for a walk, scare the kids into moving their friggin legs a bit.


Brylee and Griffin at one of the little lakes, Griffin dropped his drink bottle in... gone forever!

There were ducks, and these buggers! Eels..... ikky!
I think they thought I was going to feed them.... NOPE.

A statue of a life size MOA (bird, extinct).... in the children's garden.

The entrance to a part of the Children's Garden....

OUCH!!!! He fell coming out of the tunnel... I did show SOME sympathy.... I DID !

A totally random row of metal bits, with bronze statuettes on them.....

Like this one (above)..... very pretty, no name, no explanation of what it was all about....
We spent a good amount of time in the Gardens, the kids love it. I should have taken some photos of flowers I suppose (NAH!)... not me I'm afraid. You want flower photos, go somewhere else!
The weather turned a bit nasty shortly after we got home, so luckily we went when we did.
I just got bugged into joining FaceBook... but honestly, I can't see me using it. I find blogging is MY THING.... Facebook looks like just another avenue to keep in touch with your freinds, and I do that ADMIRABLY through the blog or text or yakking on the phone. Just how many ways do you need to keep in touch!
So don't leave me messages cos I probably won't see them! I might pop on there once a month or something! That's it.
End of Day: a mixed bag type of day... got nothing done this morning, but had an excellent afternoon doing ... dusting/vacuming/washing.. and Facebooking! Shan't be doing that much though (Facebook)... takes up too much time!
NSV: Trying to face up to overeating all the time... I don't snack, I just seem to eat too much. Lost me 'stop' button... if ya find it, SEND THE BUGGER BACK OK? nite nite.


  1. OH no!! Don't leave that wet curtain on the dresser! You'll ruin it!

    Oh, dear.

  2. Bugga, we also had the horizontal rain yesterday am so glad today is looking better.

  3. It's Tuesday afternoon here and I'm at work..shhh..I am taking a break. What a drag about your curtains. I can just imagine the curse words that were coming from your mouth. I would have..haha. Hope you're having a good day.

  4. Hope there wasn't too much water damage... as you say it pissed down pretty hard here too - tornadoes and all just south of us!

  5. Those drainage hole things are only for condensation to drain away - clearly if there was water everywhere you need to figure our how it actually got in.

  6. Not good, are the drapes water marked? Hope you sort it out.

    Lots of rain here too!!! Water logged in fact!

  7. OMG it reminds me of my house when it floods, but just not as much imagine around your ankles, not doing much sounds wonderful, enjoy your day.

  8. Sheesh that's a lot of rain!

  9. Chris you are such a busy little bee, I love how you don't stop sometimes I wish I was more like that I am always procratinating about housework instead of just doing. Have a good day Jillxx

  10. Buggar about the rain damage. It is so windy down this way today!!

  11. I like the look of the Park. Might have to check it out. I hope you've booked a warm sunny day - no rain - for next week.

  12. We had some horizontal rain last winter. Found out which window leaked, that's for sure!!

    I used to love wandering through the Botanical gardens. been awhile though and it looks as though there has been a few changes.

    BTW, remember playing tag as a kid? Well, I just tagged you, so come over and play.

    You could always ask the kids the questions ... :-)

  13. Hello

    what a hassle about the wet curtains, hope they dry out soon!
    I love facebook, but I hardly ever blog.
    Facebook is a great way of keeping in touch with people and also see other peoples photos.


  14. Anonymous9:43 PM

    I don't know how many times we've left a window open and it's rained and wet the carpet!

    The botanic gardens look like a pretty place to visit :) Every so often we pack a picnic lunch and head to our local gardens for a stroll and to feed the ducks.

  15. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Well I figured that I'd better listen to you in regards to how you like comments just in case I don't get to send you a birthday card in time...LMAO

    Oh and I realise you didn't leave the window open. I was just merely stating our own stupidity! :P

  16. Love the piccys from the gardens... they look lovely! And glad the kids had fun too. Eels taste yummy! you could always catch one and fry it on the BBQ... (I can just imagine you screwing up your face with that comment!!)

    Haven't told you yet, but I love your new house...and have enjoyed all the piccys, and 'sharing' the move with you! Its been great.

    have fun on facebook... hehehe!!

  17. Glad to see you can do nothing at all when you want to. Love the pictures in the gardens. I must admit that when I saw the first picture of the eel, I thought it was a knee high boot. Opps.....

    Good to see you got some fine weather even if it was only for a few hours...

    Not sure if this saved before so I'll post it again.

  18. Don't you hate it when you find something like wet curtains? Yuck!

    The trip to the gardens with the kiddos looks like a lot of fun! And - just wondering . . . what exactly would one feed eels? Do they eat stale bread like ducks?

  19. I LOVE those pictures. How beautiful.

    I lost my STOP button also. My winter clothes won't even fit. :-(

  20. Looks like you had a fun day getting to know the local offerings. Lovely gardens. Good thing the weather held out.

  21. Is that a snake in the water?? I think I would have pissed myself!


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