Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Breathing a big sigh of relief! It's been a long weekend, in more ways than one.

Visitors ... kids driving me nuts... husband dropping GOD-AWFUL Farts.... grrrrrr!

I had to go to bed with a can of room freshner! Stew could win prizes for his farts I swear!

AND he crunched nuts in me ear! I am SO GLAD he's gone back to work... much as I love him, he can drive me batty!

And the kids! I swear they forgot how to BE BLOODY QUIET all weekend! I was constantly yelling at them to shut up! Maybe my tolerance levels have gone completely? Or maybe I am just OVER BLOODY KIDS!!!!

Can you blame me? Almost 30 years of raising little kids.... I deserve a medal (I have the chest to pin it on already thanks)....someone save me! There's at least another 10 years to go 'till I can expect Brylee and Griffin to leave home! *SOB* I will be old and wrinkly........... but with suntanned boobs! LOL

Hope it is sunny today, I wanna work on me tan!

AND I want to go to the library. And go to the Tile shop, I have a little table I want to do a mosaic on... then it can be outside without weathering too bad. What else? OH YEAH, sometime this afternoon my new GHD's should arrive in the shop, so I can go get them! Wooo hoooo.

AND... I continue with the new diet... 'normal' breakfast, tiny lunch and a shake for dinner. No snacking (well that's not hard for me).... and hopefully we will see some 'scale' results soon.

MRS C....Our 'afternoon' patio is totally private, absolutely NO ONE can see into it... except planes of course! But hey, if there is anyone looking out of a plane window who CAN see me .... like they will NEVER be able to recognise me close up anyway! ha ha ha.

I walked the kids to school, it is a cloudy day so I thought "OH what the hell".. and continued on for a walk. I walked to my Aunt's house (20 minutes, 50% uphill), then I walked home (20 minutes, 90% uphill)... I'm now bloody red-faced and sweaty. But it's great!

Next on the list... Tile Shop and Library! ONWARD....

WELL.... here's me next project:

ABOVE: this used to be the little dining table in our kitchen back in Palmerston North... but it has to be outside here as we don't have the room. So, I am going to mosaic it so it's weatherproof.

IT CAN'T BE THAT HARD TO DO, right???? I have looked up 'How To" on the 'net.... *shrugging shoulders*.... I'm sure I can do it!

If nothing else it will be fun. I like fun, having stuff to do (other than bloody housework!).

I am NOT HAPPY... my GHD'S did not arrive today as I was told they would be. Pffffft. "Maybe tomorrow, but probably - definitely by THURSDAY" ! I was not impressed, not at all.

Other than that dissapointment, the day is going great.....

End of Day: a good one! Did everything I set out to do, on track with the bloody diet too.

NSV: Stayed on track, this is good! nite nite.


  1. Ya know, you're a blessed woman if the worst thing you could say about Stew is that he smells bad on the weekends and crunches nuts in your ear.

    Remember how much ya missed him?? LOL

    I'm not asking about the tan because I can't think of how you could get tan there without sitting on the roof and "waving" at passing airplanes inappropriately. See? I'm NOT asking. It would be wrong of me.

  2. whenever i have company that stays over in my house, by the 2nd day i feel like strangling them...

  3. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Men and their farts...good lord! We women put up with alot.Glad to hear from you again!

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  5. Tell us how the shakes go, I bought the Celebrity ones after you did a while back, I think I had 2 of them, they are still in the pantry lol, I need real food!!!!

  6. Your kids know how to be quiet? Mine don't.

    In regards to farts, I have that problem with my wife sometimes. You can't help it once she starts laughing hard.

  7. ok its 5.23 and i havent had yer email yet. WAITING WAITING WAITING i b ringing you soon
    Good luck with the table you do good at it you good with yer hands

  8. Good luck with the table, I look forward to the finished product.

  9. Have you considered putting some mirror in with the tiles? It looks good because it reflects the colours around the table. A friend of mine makes table tops and mirrors in mosaic and uses mirror for the pattern and they look great...

    Good luck!

  10. can't wait to see the finished product on the table!

  11. Your posts are always sooo funny...

    men and their "one cheek sneaks"..
    I yi yi!

    My wee one is driving me batty .. and it's driving me to EAT everything in sight...

    he's been so grumpy and whiney...


  12. LOL ... look on the bright side, at least things are never dull in your household :-)

    Fabulous idea for the table - i'm sure you'll do a great job, can't wait to see the end result.


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