Sunday, October 05, 2008



We have jobs to do.....

- Stew has to finish off the fence

- I want to plant the grapes and the hydrangeas I bought with me from Palmerston North

- Stew has to dig in the compost so I can get and plant some tomatoes

LAST NIGHT... I forgot to get a photo of Sandie and myself! What a slack blogger! I did, however, get one of the guys at the BBQ:

Stew and 'J' ... bottles in hand.... doing what guys do best.... cooking! YEAH RIGHT! LOL. This was our FIRST BBQ of the was lovely.

NICOLE: That thingee by Stew's head is a glass fishing buoy!

WE have done well today.... got all the jobs done that we wanted to:

Our Weathervane is up!!! This took 2 years to get done in our last home.

The safety fence is finished.... and...

I made this corner safe too. "Sittwe" looks rather happy there! Sittwe is our little concrete man, named for a little place in Burma. Don't ask me why, I just thought he looked kinda Burmese.
End of Day: pleased to say my days are all GREAT at the moment! How awesome is that?
NSV: scored a new Memory Card for my camera off Trademe... I can now take hhmmmmmm..... about 1,680 photos before I run outta room! ha ha ha! nite nite.


  1. It really feels like summer when you have the first BBQ - have a great day :-)

  2. Happy fall! LOL ;]

    Seriously, your house and your barbecue are gorgeous.

  3. Anonymous9:26 AM

    BBQ's - I wish! geez I've come back home to rain and rain in PN. Every day I was in hospital with Dad it was beautiful and last week.. we had a brief shower as we took Dad's out of church but that was all. Lovely to catch up on your new home it's beautiful. I'm busy trying to get mine back to normal. Not planning to go away anywhere till at least Christmas (well, I got no leave left anyway haha.. but was worth it).
    Take care and hope you have a wonderful 50th like I did Chris. Hugz to all.
    Karen PN

  4. Thanks for the BBQ Chris, we had a great time.
    We will see you guys again soon for the big 5-0!!!

    J say hi to his new friend Teddy ha ha ha ha

  5. you work so hard I get tired just reading about it. Please give me the card address. Want to send you one now that I'm back.

  6. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Is that a planter hanging by Stew's head? I love it! It looks huge but it must be the camera angle.

  7. Gotta love BBQ weather..Hope you are doin ok... I cant believe you didnt get a blogger photo!!!!

  8. I'm soooo jealous of you guys having a BBQ!! I can't wait until we can drag ours out of the garage!!
    The house looks fabulous by the way :)

  9. Slow down girl - if you keep going at this rate, god forbid you might run out of things to do ... lol

    Sounds like you definitely had a productive day - well done.

  10. Anonymous11:49 PM

    I just "discovered" you a few weeks ago, through Karen in Reno. I enjoy the way you write. And, you make me tired when you tell about alllll you do!

    You also express my sentiments exactly about my weight. I want to get back off the 10 lb. I have put back on. Let's do it, girl! :)

  11. I hope you won't mind if I pop in from time to time. I am from Kansas and we are in a glorious fall and today will make a "Farm Tour" Stop by and read what a 60 year old man does in his retirement at:
    Dennis Petty
    Rabbit Run Farm
    Tecumseh, KS, USA

  12. Chris, you are a powerhouse! Wow! I don't know how you get everything done everyday. You are an inspiration, seriously.

  13. ...forget "Diet Coke Rocks" -- You Rock!

  14. Anonymous9:46 AM

    I just love when you share pictues of what you are doing!!! Your backyard is lovely. Mine is a horrible hell of a hole. Y'all are getting ready for summer and we are experiencing the fall. That is so bizarre.

  15. Love the "pigs fly" weather vane....I want one!!!!!

  16. BBQ'ing rules. I already miss Summer!!!! :(


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