Tuesday, October 14, 2008


What better way to get outta a grump than get MY SKY? I am quivering in anticipation I am!!!

The guy is due this morning with me brand new decoder and CONTROL.... oh the fun I am going to have!

ABOVE: This is what the new decoder will look like.... *drooling*... the other thing to really perk me up! A package arrived late yesterday afternoon from my girlfriend in Palmerston North....

And inside.... all these lovely CARDS!!! I have 25 so far, with more on the way... sheesh I am thrilled to bits! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am going to thoroughly enjoy opening them all on sunday morning!

Teddy was being a right pain in the bum last night, so I yelled at him to get outta me way.... When I came back into the lounge this is what I found:

His nibs sitting on me lovely blue poofy stool! Looking very 'hang doggish'.... LOL. How could I stay mad with him?
TODAY: hmmmm.... kids to school then wait for My Sky... then PLAY WITH IT!!! *big smiles*...... OH!!! It is my 2 Year Anniversary of BLOGGING.... does not seem that long! It has been a wonderful experience so far ....

WOOO HOOOO ... it's here! And I am running around like a twit tidying up cos I have a visitor due shortly! A girl named Donna who is a reader of me blog.... I don't know her at all! But she's coming to meet me... YIKES, better put some face on too... I be ugly without some makeup! LOL

SLYDE: I'm a bloody KIWI mate, not an AUSTRALIAN.... we live in NEW ZEALAND.... it is not a part of Australia OK??? I forgive you. (LMFAO)

Donna... was lovely... so nice to be meeting Auckland people! Hopefully she can come to me party!

My Sky...WORKS! I programed it to record something while Donna was here.... and I just watched it. Heee heee, I'm in heaven.

Almost time to go pick up the kids... and it's clouding over.. might get rain by the end of the day.

There was a KNOCK on my door this afternoon, I could see a Taxi leaving ... who the hell???? I opened the door.. to find:

My GORGEOUS niece from Melbourne on me doorstep!!! Totally thrilled to see her, no idea she was coming! How lovely.... shame she isn't going to be here for my party, but she is here for a couple of days and coming back in a week or so... the kids were so happy to see her ...

End of Day: well I had almost caught up on me blog reading... now... going to spend a couple of days with my niece so will be busy again.
It has been a wonderful day.... WOOO HOOOO.
NSV: Didn't sit on me bum all day afterall! nite nite.


  1. My sky how cool,I love technology arrrrgh how sad am I, we got a recordable dvd player and that just excited me so much (one I read through the all the instructions-nothing is simply) enjoy your new toy lol

  2. How fun! If I liked celebrating my birthday, I would totally try to get cards from all over the next time it rolls around. :-)

    Have fun with your Sky. I don't think we have that here in the States. We've got other crazy cable-type stuff, though we don't have t.v. (except to watch dvds) so I'm not sure what all there is.

  3. Good luck with the MySky!! I'm sure you will love it as much as I love mine :)

  4. thats gotta be an aussie thing.. i have no idea what that is...

  5. Is Sky like Pay TV?? Happy Bloggerversaryyyyyy:)

    My card is on its way!!!!!!

  6. My Sky sounds awesome! I love your little Teddy...never growl at him! He is the cutest dog ever...except for my Harry and Scarlett of course:)

  7. I am so not a techno person - mind you I barely get a chance to hold our remote.

  8. I'm not so sure what SKY is, but I'm assuming it has something to do with television....

  9. Look at all your fan mail! People love you! Hey I just sent you a friend request on facebook. Don't leave me hangin'! :)

  10. Good luck with Sky (I'm assuming its pay TV).

    Oh Teddy looks so cute on your poofy stool.

  11. Happy Blogiversary!

    What a fan-bloody-tastic pile of cards you have there :-D

    And MySky! I'm SO jealous!

  12. Bwah ha ha !!! 'An Aussie' thing :-)

    I get that over here a well. Someone once pointed to a photo the Auckland Harbour bridge and asked me if that was what connected us to Australia...BAER !!! (Big Arsed Eye Roll)

    You're definitely getting a nice pile of cards there. :-) My birthday is in December...hint, hint :-)

  13. You'll be addicted in no time to that Mysky! As long as Stew does not blame me for you spending more money... hehe..

  14. I am sure you will have fun with My Sky :-)

    I have a friend who swears by Sards sopa for removing ANYTHING - give it a try on Griifins uniform.

  15. Love the look on Teddy's face - priceless!!

    Have fun with your Sky

  16. How fun to have all those cards! Ack, I haven't sent one... feeling v. guilty now...!

  17. Yay for pay TV!!! I miss ours :(
    Is my card there?? huh??

    I received my parcel today!!! Thank you!!!! I can't wait to open it!!! I have to wait for my birthday on Saturday (mums orders!!) :) I am like a little kid this year .... I wonder when it will kick in that I am turning the big 30?? *giggle*

    Thanks again!!! xoxox

    Oh and how's Facebook???? *pissingmyselflaughing*

  18. My sky is so cool!!! If ya ever on the coast or shore let me know we should catch up! =]

  19. Anonymous7:08 PM

    I just wanted to clarify that I have your card sitting here, addressed and ready to be posted. I just forgot to take it with me today when I went into town...lol But I'll get it posted soon :)

    Happy blogiversary!

  20. Oh My God HI HI HI HI HI HI, so good to c you (well in a photo) hope to catch up sum time.

    Daughter #3

  21. Happy Blogoversary!
    I'm glad some of your cards have finally made their way to you ....hope mine was one of them!
    Teddy sure is a cutie!

  22. I think I see my card in that pile! I hope it actually got there! Have fun with the Sky - it sounds a lot like the dvr I have to play with here in the states.

  23. Unscripted things are the best. Especially when it comes to family. Best Wishes.

    Sky must be your version of what we call Sateliite TV. "Bell View or Star Choice" just to name a few. We have digital with Eastlink.

    Well I amoff to the Polls as it is election day here in Canada.

  24. Not sure what sky is, perhaps a pvr or Satellite TV. What a lovely surprise to have you niece show up, the kids look so happy with her. Have a great time opening all you mail. Party time is getting close. Take care.

  25. What an exciting day!

  26. OH, yay your niece is there!! She is lovely.

    And cards will be so much fun Friday! And a party! Woo!

  27. Oh just as well you got My Sky after the house was nearly complete otherwise it could have taken years ... lol ... enjoy!

    What a lovely surprise to have your niece turn up, hope you enjoy your time with her.


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