Thursday, October 30, 2008


BELOW: What I got done yesterday...

ABOVE: detail.
TODAY: could be interesting. I spoke to Griffin's teacher yesterday afternoon, and expressed my concerns about his lack of progress and I asked her what was being done to help him along. I also said I was prepared to take him to extra tuition if she thought it would help him.
Unfortunately is seems she took this conversation 'personally' ... I think she thought I was disparaging her teaching, cos now we have an appointment this morning to see the Pricipal and Deputy Principal about our 'concerns'. I was rung to arrange this, so of course I am making Stew come too!

Of course I do not have concerns about the teacher's abilities! I just wanted to make sure Griffin was not going to fall behind any more than he already is... and asked what help he was getting? He is not in Reading Recovery at this new school yet, something I thought he would be in immediately on arriving there. Oh well, this morning should provide some answers I hope.

After the meeting I presume I will come home and do some more of the mosaic table top. How much more fun can I be?


AMANDA IS BACK!!!! Go read her blog again.....

The meeting with the Principal and Deputy Principal: well you always feel like you are a little kid again, butterflies in your tummy.... like you are about to meet.....

THE OGRE!!! But of course it is never that bad! I am actually never really worried about meeting 'The Principal'..... they are just like everyone else!

Anyway, the meeting went REALLY WELL... we talked at length about our concerns, and steps are being taken to get Griffin tested, assessed etc and onto some progammes to help him. I feel this should have been done when we first arrived, but oh well, it's sorted now and that's the main thing.

I just got a call from the Mall, my GHD's have arrived ... so the mosaic can wait.... I'm outta here!

Well I am now the proud owner of a GDH hair straightener! Very happy with them too. Will give them a go this afternoon after I've picked up the kids.

Just remembered something from the conversation this morning at school... they are going to get him tested for Dyslexia! Wonders will never cease... I asked about that possibility over a year ago and was poo - hoo'd .... will be interesting to see eh?

End of Day: an awesome day! Had a lovely afternoon tea at our neighbour's this afternoon... Brylee and Griffin got 3 Mellowpuffs each! Piglets... ha ha ha. And Me? NONE, not a one! So proud of myself!

NSV: didn't eat anything evil today, even though it was offered on a plate! lol..... nite nite.


  1. look at you miss crafty. love the bright and cheerful.

  2. Well, let her take it personally! If it gets her motivated to help Griffin, that's all that counts.

    Hey, you won't have to deal with her once school's out, right?? Don't YOU take it personally and let it wreck your day, hon.

    Your table is beauuuuutiful. You are so artistic!!

  3. Haha!

    Thank You Chris! You are the best :)


  4. Lovin the table... well done... oh and somtimes we do need to push a bit to get our kids the best education we can...

  5. the table looks very pretty, you are doing a fantastic job! Hope the meeting goes well

  6. That table looks farm out!!

    I love it... you did great...

    and re: the sensitive teacher..
    why are peeps soooo sensitive anymore...

    you are a concerned parent...
    who wouldn't be...

    glad it allll turned out tho..


  7. My God you're talented!!! Table looks awesome!

    Glad you've got things sorted for Griffin.

  8. LOVE the table! I can't believe you've never done it before are a natural!

  9. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Looking great Chris. Geez you are talented.. everything you do ends up looking good. was about to chuck out my old coffee table... maybe I should mosaic it too.. but when to find the time?
    Glad Griffin is going to get some help. Pikelets oh yummy!

  10. What ought to happen and what does actually happen at school is often vastly different in our experience Chris.

    Glad that they've agreed to testing etc - at least it will give them a springboard to work from.


  11. School always have that effect on me as well.Good on you for getting them to take action as these are the important years.

  12. Table is looking gud :)can't wait to see the end results.
    How the hair straightners, I just love mine, don't know how I managed with out them.....

  13. Your table looks fantastic!

    Good for you for advocating for Griffin. The stinkin' schools sometimes think they know more about your kid than you do - HAH!

    I've already been to visit Amanda - so glad she' back!

  14. I can't believe how much of your table you have done. Its looking great.

    I'm go glad that things are being done for Griffin. Its so hard on the kids when they get behind and feel too over whelmed with the whole school thing. Good on you for speaking up...

    Also congratulations on you not eating any evil food today. You should be very proud of yourself.

  15. Well done on resisting temptation! Table is looking great, glad to hear the meeting regarding Griffin was productive.

  16. I have not talked to the kids' principal yet. I hope I have have to here. Over here, talking to the principal means the kids are in trouble.

  17. I was on a first name basis with the principal last year. Fer.

    Love the table!


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