Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Yeah thanks for that CRANKY...... now I have to go buy some bloody mirrors for me table top!

Dang good idea if I must say.... shame I didn't think of it....

Kids to school
Buy mirrors
Work on Table mosaic

And IF we get some sun... work on the tan, cos there was NO SUN yesterday. I think the last time I was this white was when I was an infant! Didn't get a tan last summer, was being 'sun sensible'.... so I'm friggin WHITE. Fat white legs don't look as good as fat brown legs.... well that's my story and I'm stickin to it.

ONWARD... oh and I might get a walk in this morning too.....

DID YA MISS ME??? I have been busy all day!

It's raining.... no walk.

Went to town for more tiles and mirror bits... got tiles, came home... bugger! Forgot the mirrors. Too late now.... I got on with the table top:

Then I started work on filling in the edging:

It's a long and laborious process. But I'm enjoying it.

I picked up the kids from school (damn, no choice really) and made them pikelets for afternoon tea... dang I'm good!

I recieved 8 more cards in the post!!!! That takes my 'total' to 94!!! As Sue so kindly pointed out:

This was from SUE who said "No way am I sending you a card, I don't do cards" ..... she finally sucumbed to my incessant nagging! Such a sweetie! lol When I first thought to ask (Nay DEMAND !) Everyone send me a card, I was thinking "Wouldn't it be awesome if I can get 50 cards for my 50th Birthday"? NEVER in my dreams did I think I would end up getting almost 100 ! THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Right, back to the bloody mosaic... it's back breaking work! And damn, but I will have to stop shortly to make dinner for Stew and the kids.... bugger it.

End of Day: sat on me bum too much! But got a good start on the mosaic table top. Happy with that. nite nite.


  1. Yip no sun down here either yesterday here is hoping today we will have some...... :-)

  2. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Hi de hi camper- your courier pack should arrive today. Dropped it off yesterday afternoon.. bloody couriers won't collect from here as we are out of town. Nice talking to you. Talk again soon :-)Michele

  3. Can't wait to see your mosiac!! And the missorpieces in it will look awesome.

    Card was sent from Noosa... so hopefully there this week!!

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  5. ok then no email today so as usual WAITING WAITING WAITING.
    We having seminar at the centra hotel

  6. Great start on the table Chris... you are so creative! :)

    Is it ok to pimp myself on here to people who may remember me...???


    WOO HOO!!!

    Come on over for a look... first drink is on the house! hehe.

    xox :)

  7. The mosaic is looking good! Smashing the tiles should be a good release of any pent up frustration you have!

  8. Wow what an impressive total on the cards - anyone would think you were popular or something ... lol

    You're doing great with the table too - such a talented girl you are!

  9. i WISH i could work on my tan today... its miserable out :(


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