Thursday, October 23, 2008


Late yesterday afternoon Teddy FINALLY noticed our pig weather vane on the fence... and he did not like it, uuuh uuuh no way was he liking that thing swinging in the wind! (above) There he is lying in the lounge staring at the pig!

He stalked it, he didn't take his eyes off it for hours, every time it moved in the wind he growled!!! When he moved around the house he skulked along the ground, tail between his legs and kept looking at the pig! It was sooo funny!

I think he even got a crook in his neck from watching it, I think he thought it was going to jump off the fence and attack him.
Wonder if he will do that today?
- kids to school
- housework (yaaaa)
If the weather holds I WILL go for a walk... I soooo need to get outta the house today, I'm going nuts! Much as I love my new home, I hate being in the house all day on me own. It's lonely. Maybe I will visit me Aunty up the road.......
BRYLEE'S QUILT: well I am still thinking at this stage... don't have a lot of materials yet either and I don't want to start till I have all the materials so I can 'nut it out'....
I'm over me mini hissy fit thanks... just got a bit crabby cos the weather turned cold again... and I HATE BEING COLD. And PMT happening... sucks being a girl sometimes! Mostly though I LOVE being a girl! It has
I went out... I joined the local library... I got me some BOOKS .... I'm happy again! Sitting on me bum reading... I love reading.
Not good for me bum of course, but good for me mood.
It's blowing a gale here, rain on and off... nice.
I decided to make a salmon quiche for dinner... needed to find me recipe books/folder...hmmmm...looking....looking.... yipee!! Found the cookbooks in the spare bedroom's folder with "Favourite Recipes" in it.... damn... continue looking...looking.... gettting bloody mad.....finally find them in the computer desk drawers.....
So... there's me job for tomorrow... sorting out the spare bedroom wardrobe and computer drawers....
Nothing like having a plan..... something to do....anyway...on with making that quiche now I have the recipe.
End of Day: have read half the first book, it's riveting! Dinner was delish...
NSV: well I only had one helping of salmon quiche, that's good eh? lol.... nite nite.


  1. Ahhh... what a beautiful living room.

  2. Hey chicken,
    you can always give me a bell, and come for a train ride into the city and I can show you the delights of Queen st :)

  3. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Hmm sounds like you need to start thinking about that next quilt Chris!

  4. i'd growl at it too, if i were him!

  5. Hmmm ...time to start on Brylee's quilt? That would keep you busy! I can't wait to see what you have planned for it!

  6. In case you were wondering where to get quilting stuff here, there are three shops in Onehunga Mall (main street Onehunga, not Dressmart) that specialise in Quilting!! They have truck loads of stuff and some of it really cheap (I think, don't actually quilt myself).

  7. When I first looked at the photo without reading what you had written, I thought Teddy had done something on the rug. He is very camoflaged. It would have been funny watching him.

    Enjoy you day whatever you decide to do.

  8. Had a good laugh at Teddy, my pooch is the same - he barks at his own farts!!!

  9. Poor Teddy. Hope he gets to like his new friend soon. Can't have him growling at poor piggie for too long :) Thanks for sending the rain down our way!!!! NOT !!!! LOL :)

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  11. That is tooo funny about teddy and the weathervane...everytime my dog hears a loud noise ( to her resembling thunder) she gets her tail between her legs and takes off running. When our old tv started popping before it went poof? every time she heard it she'd jump like someone scared her and run for my bed, lol.

  12. That picture is too funny!

    Glad to hear you did something for you!

  13. LOL bet he'd want to kill that thing if it was up close!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday for the other day. Looks like you had a nice party. I can't believe you are 50, you really don't look a day over 40- seriously. It must be all those kiddies keeping you young. :-)

  15. And can we have the recipe?? Love salmon and love quiche!!

  16. Glad to see your spirits have picked up, and yes please share you recipe for the quiche.

  17. LOL Poor Teddy! Maybe a pork chop would settle him down?

  18. Anonymous5:05 AM

    Awwww... Teddy is darling! I would have enjoyed watching him.

  19. Anonymous5:49 AM

    SHIT!!! I've also been a very bad blog reader of late, RL's got in the way big time here but wanted to make a point of jumping on your blog to wish you a very happy 50ths birthday and all the best for your party this weekend but of course i've done this only to discover it was last weekend!!!! Blame it on the sleep deprivation - so happy belated birthday, loved the pictures and sounds like you had a great time - that'll teach me for being so slack with my reading! :-)

  20. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Brave Teddy will protect you! haha go Teddy!


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