Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Just because I can... another gorgeous photo of Christina and Griffin from yesterday...


- kids to school

- Off to Sylvia Park with Christina

- Doctor's appointment (NEED piddle pills !)

- Chillin with me niece.....

Should be a lovely day..... later....

Chris and I went shopping (hee hee )... last sunday Stew and I bought a new salt shaker... just one... so I wanted another one for da pepper eh? Went back, bugger me they were on SPECIAL ... HALF PRICE EVEN... so I bought 3 more!

IN BLUE..... of course! How cute are they???

Snapped the girls last night... sitting like wee tarts... and mirroring each others position... very cute!

In other news.. I went to the Dr, got me piddle pills, expect to spend a considerable time on the loo this afternoon... oh what JOY! I liked the new doctor, he kinda got me humour. Poor bugger.

End of Day: awesome! Cooked nachos for dinner, soooo rich, it keeps repeating on us! Oh errrrr. not nice.
NSV: have decided NOT to eat nachos again. nite nite.


  1. That is a great picture!

    p.s. sorry about the aussy comment.... i knew that.. really.. im just daft sometimes..

  2. Was great to meet you in person yesterday chris
    Have a good time with your neice

  3. You still don't have piddle pills? That has been a long time. How are your legs doing?

  4. Have a lovely time with your niece:-)

    Don't feel guilty about Izzy!! She hasn't wandered since - so here's hoping!

  5. What a cute pair!!

  6. Oh well, think of all the steps going back and forth to the loo!

    Have sent your card today, BTW :)

  7. Cute photo. I love your kitchen too. Looks great with the tin under the counter top. How are you enjoying My Sky. We have had Austar for a few years now and the kids and dh just love it. I thought the My Sky was a fabulous idea, but we just can't justify the extra cost. My dh would love it especially now as daylight savings has kicked in in the southern states and all his shows are on an hour earlier.

    Hope you had a nice time with your niece.

  8. Are you still on the loo? Hope you had a good day with your niece - love the photo of the girls.

  9. Oh how cute!!!!!!!!!!.. Cant with till she meets rena.

    Daughter #3

  10. Enjoy the time with your neice! Love hearing about your days! Don't know if your piddle pills are for the same reason as mine, but it sure is nice not to wet my pants every time I sneeze or cough!

  11. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Is that Brylee's biological mom?

  12. Hopefully you're off the loo now !!!

    Brylee looks s though she's having lot's of fun with your niece. Love the photo !!


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