Saturday, October 18, 2008


Stew came home last night with my Birthday Present .. early ... isn't it just beautiful? He is a copper snapper, I love him.... have to find a name for him now...

Here he is on the trellis I painted just this week... I didn't think I would be able to get a fish for the wall quite so soon... so I'm wrapt .... THANK YOU DARLING!
I am now on the lookout for some driftwood/seaweed to put on the left side... to balance it out and make it more realistic... not that I'm really trying for realistic... but BALANCE is important.
Today's jobs are to get last minute stuff for the party.... pick up me cake.... make beds ... bla bla bla. All good!
Expecting one of my dearest girlfriends to arrive today from Coromandel too.... I don't think I have seen her in over a year! Lots of yakking ahead I think!
OK... I'm feeling really dizzy... been blowing up balloons... not the nicest job I can tell ya! Shame I couldn't find the thingee that attatches to the vacum so I didn't have to do all the blowing up.
All on track for a good day tomorrow, just need it to STOP RAINING then all would be perfect. We are in deep shit if it is raining tomorrow afternoon!
I feel every inch of me almost 50 years today... tired.
End of Day: My girlfriend is here, me Aunt and Uncle are here for coffee, at the last count I have 59 cards with more to come! WOOOOO HOOOOO!
NSV: I only had the tiniest piece of cake this evening, felt very good about that! nite nite.


  1. Happy Birthday To You!!!!!!! Have a great time at your celebration. Love the fish.

  2. LOL That's way better than the singing plastic ones here!!

  3. LOVE the fish!
    I've just given you another award ...check my blog!

  4. I love your big bloody fish!!!!!

  5. Love the fish have a great birthday :-)

  6. What's the story with the fish again? I know I read it on the blog of the guy who drew your picture (that's how I ended up here) but I forgot.

  7. That's a really cool fish !! Love it. I have my eye on a copper Ghecko, that's at a shop down the road from me.

    Only one seep to g before you get to open up all those cards :-)

  8. I love your pressie!!

    Hey Chris - hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow! Enjoy the celebrations.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR TUESDAY! (Well I hope it Tues?)

  9. Lovin' that dirty great snapper!!!! It looks fantastic on the BLUE background!! Have a wonderful day tomorrow....enjoy it all...soak it all in!!! Happy bloody birthday ya TART!!!!

  10. Love the fish! Now I know why you painted the trellis blue!

    How exciting to get so many cards! Maybe I will have to try your techinque!


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