Saturday, October 04, 2008


I found the 'volume switch'.... well OK... NOT REALLY! But it's sooooo tempting sometimes. Griffin thought he would put it on (even though I'd said not to), who am I to stop him? Tis his face.

It's the weekend, so Stew is home to help entertain them, and do my bidding! A few jobs this weekend, but no BIGGIES, so he should get a rest somewhere along the line.

Hopefully I will find a squab box this weekend too ... can't have the chair squabs in the garage all the time, tis a pain in the butt having to lug them up and down the stairs ....

AND OOO... we are having visitors for dinner tonight! Sandi Bee (Auckland Blogger) and her partner are coming... I havn't met her before but I reckon we will get on JUST FINE! We are going to fire up the BBQ....yikes better get some meat out then.... later...

Hmmm, we popped out this morning to get "just a few things" and we were out for 5 friggin hours! Got a fold up/portable workbench thingee to cut wood on etc, a black office chair for me ... NO squab box.... a few groceries and then home.

I'm exhaused!... moving right along... I put together the new (black) office chair... guess which one I will be using for me computer chair now? ha ha ha~!

The blue one will become my sewing chair in the garage.

ABOVE: The dinky new workbench... it will be so much fun using this! .... now I better get on with getting ready for our dinner guests I suppose!
End of Day: We have had a wonderful evening, as I thought ... Sandie and I got on like old friends... and Stew and 'J' also seemed to get on good. 'J' is a computer whizz and when he heard my internet was 'unsecured' promptly secured it for me... what a neat guy. I got lots of tips off him to improve the running of my computer too.... THANKS 'J'!
NSV: well we did eat lots of evil stuff... but the BIRTHDAY CAKE is all gone now! It isn't screaming at me from the bloody pantry anymore! PHEW, what a relief. nite nite.


  1. sounds wonderful fun to me!!!!!
    Hugs Laura

  2. Oh, I love to BBQ. It's getting too cold here to BBQ, we're just starting our fall season. Hope you all have a wonderful time. By the way..what is a Squab? Is it fish? A plant? Just curious.

  3. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Happy Birthday to Brylee! I love the picture of her sleeping!

    You crack me up. Now if I put on a pair of undies that slides I'm going to think of knickers and arse. I just love your expressions. Pull a finger has a different meaning here... it's usually creepy uncles that tell you to do it and when you do... they fart. Do you say fart there?

  4. i want to meet fellow bloggers in person too! when am I getting my bbq invite?

  5. You know I think of your and Peach everytime I try to hide that egg, but my options are often so limited.

  6. Have fun!

    I love how Griffin always has to do the opposite to everything you say. =]

  7. That sounds like alot of fun Chris.
    Be sure to tell me when you get the card I sent you!

  8. I c ould have done with about 28 bits of that tape today. It was a half day at school. so they were all excited. Sighhhhhh ...

    Taylor always giggles when I mention knickers. And another American told me that calling your panties, knickers, sounded sort of naughty. Weird, eh !!

  9. Brylee has her hair done differently! I like it:-)

    Have a lovely night and exciting for you to meet another blogger.

    Oh - yep I went back to WW!!

  10. Aww, Brylee and Griffin are just so cute!!

  11. ya know what they say Chris......Little pickers wear big knickers!!!! lol

  12. usually when your knickers fall down it means YOU LOST WEIGHT yahoo for you lol

  13. LOL @ finding the volume switch - how tempting, do you think it would work on a 2 1/2 year old that constantly says "why", "because" and "what's that"? :-)

    Isn't it great when you can meet bloggers and just "click" with them?

    As to the "quick" visit to the shops - I do it ALL THE TIME!!! Probably one of the main reasons I need more hours in the day.

    Glad you had a good day - even better that the evil cake is gone!

  14. Okay - I know that there is a time difference but how in the world do you always seem to get two complete blogs in before I come back to check? You must be a quick typist!

    Stew looked GREAT in his costume. I especially loved the pink cumberbund (is that how you spell it?).

  15. Glad you had a great day today/tonight...


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