Thursday, October 09, 2008


Yesterday lunchtime:

ABOVE: Brylee's plate....

AND GRIFFIN'S ! And this was just the counter top! You should have seen him and the floor.... THIS IS NOT A BOY THING, IT'S A GRIFFIN THING. I swear to god I should make him eat at a trough!

Some days I get so cross with him.


Another "got nothing specific" to do.... will just let it happen eh?

OH yeah, back to yesterday... I got coerced into joining FACEBOOK, fuck what a monster I unleashed! It's bad people, really bad.... this is what my email inbox looked like after an hour....

I'm hoping I don't get sucked into it... I spend enough time on the computer as it is!

ABOVE: the totally gorgeous squab I got for the sun lounger! It has got quite vibrant terracotta 'buttons' on it, they don't show up well in the photo. Might try to get similar ones to put on the other chair squabs to 'tie' them all in.

I've been dreaming about making a shelving unit for the under-house storage room, to keep all the stuff in there TIDY... might go get some wood....

DANG! If you really really MUST find me on Facebook.... and remember I ain't going there much... look for : Chris Dietcokerocks. Simple eh?

So the kids and I went out shopping, picked up some more school uniform, photos, then went to Sylvia Park for lunch, I managed to buy two new t-shirts for home again. No Wood for the storage room yet... might wait till Stew can come with me.

OH and a card arrived from DAVE and LESLEY... ta so much! Most of the other cards have gone to my ANON Address... so I don't know what has arrived... OR NOT! Time is running out people!

End of Day: I ordered MYSKY tonight.... coming on Tuesday! ***JUMPING UP AND DOWN FOR JOY*** (doesn't take much to make me happy!).

NSV: Got on me exercycle today, listened to me ipod while working out. love it. nite nite.


  1. Oh dear !! You could always try making him wear a bib or an apron !!! :-)

    So what was he doing? Throwing the food around??

    I rather like the colour of the squabs. Now all then overseas readers, will know exactly what you're talking about :-)

  2. Griffin sounds like a miniature Chris with food, even at 13 Chris is always eating food and making a mess, always over his clothes I go through so much stain remover it ain't funny LOL.

  3. Poor Griffin LOL! It looks like Cookie Monster dined there.

  4. I've already told myself I'm not getting into facebook, or myspace. I'm married , have my friends, and am quite content tyvm.
    I'm just addicted to blogger:)

  5. We have one grandson that eats like that. Too busy talking, fidgeting etc to concentrate on what's going into his mouth (or the floor).

    Better go card shopping soon!!!!!!

  6. Ooops!! I just added you.....:)

    My 14yo boy eats like that to!!!!

  7. I have given you an award ...check out my latest post!

  8. Ha ha, love reading your updates on facebook, very amusing!

    Boys hey, they can be such slobs and don;t tend to get any better as they get older!

  9. I agree with Karen. Go and buy him one of those bibs with the scoop on the bottom - LOL!!

    Your pictures from the gardens yesterday look lovely. Something we should do more often.

    See you on facebook!!

  10. I just joined facebook too. I'm slightly confused but going to find you.

    AND Trevor is a messy boy like that too. My nephew can eat the same damn thing and nothing on him, Trevor will have it from head to toe.

  11. At first I thought it was your plate.....

    its also a sarah thing. And a christopher thing....granted he's only one....

  12. Oh I do think it's a boy thing.

    I think you will have your work cut out with facebook. It will reel you in.

  13. Anonymous7:22 PM

    its also a sarah thing.

  14. Got your text... yay for Mysky!! I hope you love it as much as me :)

  15. Facebook is EVIL. hehe.
    I joined up - but I'm never on there. I switch off notifications. I would never get anything done if I was active on FB.

    Griffin sounds like a little monkey :) (you should see my floor/table/walls after feeding a 2yo).

  16. definately not a boy thing cause my daughter's area looks like that after she eats, as for facebook and myspace, Just don't get it myself lol

  17. Anonymous4:42 AM

    Hmmmmm... Griffin and my 16 YEAR OLD must share some dastardly DNA from some animal. He gets up from the table and it looks like Cookie Monster from Sesame Street ate there. UGH!!!

  18. LOL @ facebook - so far i've managed to avoid it too! As to Griffin - make him clean it up himself, he might suddenly become just a little bit tidier - sun lounge looks great. And what's this I hear about you having some "quiet" days? How unusual!

  19. I'm not sure about it not being a boy thing. Your story brought back memories. One time when the kids were young we sent the alone to visit with their Uncle in France. DS had a terrible habit of eating with his fingers and making quite the mess. When his Uncle saw him doing this he went crazy... "Oh la la impossible". Needless to say the kid came back knowing how to use a knife and fork. Boys are just too funny, if they can get away with something they will try.

  20. Make him clean up after himself. After cleaning up the mess a couple of times he might, just might, understand that the rest opf the world is not as messy. Besides, you will be doing his wife (way out in the future) a favor. Perhaps treating him like his mom didn't work there for a change might help. Typical male probably doesn't even notice and just goes on his way blindly. MUD

  21. Facebook is something I have no desire to do. So I stay away most heartedly.

    My In-laws are like that if it is not on the table or floor they are wearing it.

    Be aware of Andy Gou- he is popping up in a lot of blogs with the exact same message. Word for word.


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