Monday, October 27, 2008


We are taking today 'as it comes'.....

Expecting my niece Christina back from Palmerston North this morning.

Expecting our daughter Lacy back too.

Hoping to get to the Mall today sometime.... want (NO NEED) to do some shopping.... groceries... know how it goes!

Am dying for tomorrow to get here, so want to get my new GHD's..... for those of you who don't know what GHD's are, they are only the BEST hair straighteners ever made! My hair is just a frizzy mess unless I straighten it.

I am going to try and TRACK what goes in me gob today (Sandra you must pray for me!).... cos it is going to be HARD people, really hard. But... I must do this cos the scales are groaning ! It's really, really bad people, if I keep up the way I have been going I will be back to where I started! FUCK THAT! BAD BAD LANGUAGE..... SO BAD! soorrrryyyyy. lol, ya have to just take me as I am eh? Bad words pop out .... often!

Righty ho.... on with me day.....

Christina arrived at 7am, but I stayed in bed till 9.30! hee hee he.
Then Stew and I took off and did some shopping while Chris watched the kids.... neat! I bought:

It better taste nice, cos it was bloody expensive! And I hope like hell it helps get me back on track.... I have tried shakes before, but maybe THIS time I will succeed.

It is a glorious day here in Auckland.... and we are just lazing around the house! BLISS, IT IS. Have to take Christina out to the airport later on....

End of Day: all is going well.... Christina has flown off back to Melbourne... I've fed the family and had my first Shake... tasted just like every other one I've ever had. Just average..... but drinkable.

NSV: I have drawn up a new weight loss chart... want to lose as much as I can before our Daughter Amanda's wedding in January. The race is on! Stew is also on a mission to lose weight. nite nite.


  1. LOL I was thinking about a meal replacement as well, I think Lynise does the optifast one but not sure. I was thinking of looking at the Atkins ones you can now get from the supermarket.

  2. Hi Chris, long time no hear (sorry about that). I am going back to through your entries to see what you have been up to (haven't caught up yet) but read yesterday's and the shakes I LOVE is the one's you get from the supermarket called Naturally Slim by Healtheries......I love the strawberry one's.

    Catch up soon,
    Rachel (Napier)

  3. come on Chris you can do this - you and me both sweet cheeks. We can both do this. :o)

  4. Hope the shakes work and that you like them!

  5. Hope those taste better than the ones my friend had, they were NAS-TIE

  6. Good luck with the shakes, I hope it helps! I'm the first to admit that I couldn't do it, I like my food too much and would end up eating afterwards ... lol ... sort of defeats the purpose! Enjoy your day.

  7. right young lady im praying and you gonna track and email me what goes in yer gob everyday if i dont get yer email im a ringing ya DO YOU HEAR ME.
    you didnt work so dam hard to put it all back on and by god i'll get it off you if i have to sit on ya OK.
    So have a nice day talk to you later.

  8. hey gorgeous if you read back to the start of my first blog I had some great success with Optifast. Just don't OVERDO it. Keep it to twelve weeks only.

  9. I have done the optifast a fair bit and you get used to them. I used to get my water as cold as possible and it made them a lot more paletable. I haven't tried the strawberry, I would be interested to hear what you think of it. Have you tried the bars? A couple of those are ok occassionally.

    They can be pricey, generally they are a good $10 cheaper at those discount chemists (in Australia anyway).

  10. All the best with the shakes and I hope it kick starts your weight loss again.

  11. It sounds like you are getting serious about your dieting! Charts and everything! Fun, fun, fun!

    Good luck wiht all of that!

  12. I am reading your Blog for the first time and am enjoying it. The milk shakes bring back memories, I always put flavoring in them, like almond, or coconut.or chop a banana up in there. Good luck, I have given up on doing anything but cutting the portion size....60 is to old to worry all the time


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