Tuesday, September 30, 2008


If YOU are thinking of sending me an e-card... I will send the darn thing back! I don't like them, they are so 'impersonal'.... and means ya couldn't be arsed getting me a REAL one!


I didn't even think of this till my friend Michelle mentioned it yesterday! So be warned, I expect/want/would love to get a REAL CARD from YOU..... YES....Y.O.U. I'm talking to every one of you 300+ a day readers of this bloody stooopid blog!


Right, now that's off me chest....
Hoping to walk up to the Botanic Gardens with the kids and finally have a walk around the gardens.... the kids have been there before but I havn't. Hope it's nice weather.

Right.... I'm outta bed and the weather is crap... so I'm going to go down to the garage and do some re-arranging! Nothing I like better than tidying up! Stew's going to put on me headstone "She liked everything TIDY" LOL. He's not wrong though, I like my home to be tidy all the time.

CARDS: my girlfriend in Palmerston North is checking the PO Box tomorrow to see if any cards have arrived..... so hang in there if you have sent one, I'm sure it will turn up soon!

Because the weather is so shitty.... the kids and I went into town and had lunch with Stew.... McDonalds..... Stew and I had a quiche thingee, it was tasteless. Anyway, the kids enjoyed it so that's the main thing.
Home again now, and watchign the weather go from fine to raining in the blink of an eye! No walk happening today. *sigh*

ABOVE: a pic of the squabs I bought.... had thought I'd recover them, but Stew thinks they look fine and ummmmm.... so do I!

This afternoon I had a lovely yak with Daughter No 2... actually I rang her about 6 times (cos I can) and bugged the shit outta her! FUN.

Then I did some gardening again! Bloody hell it's getting to be a problem this friggin gardening! I dug out the 5 roses along the back fence and put in 2 passionfruit vines...

ABOVE: said passionfruit vines....

ABOVE: a picture of the rubber matting under the swing set... to protect the lawn from developing huge holes from little feet. All good ...

End of Day: a mixed bag on the weather front, lots of lovely chats with people on the phone and on the net today. Thanks for the 'yak' Sandi, hope to see you soon.

NSV: salads are good eh? Having quite a few of them. nite nite.


  1. Have any arrived yet??? no i guess not cause I know you would be posting pictures of them already... GOOD greif how long does it take to get from the southeast US to new zeland? it must be SWIMMING!

  2. my problem is that i am a forgetful idiot... i need to remember to buy one on the one of my infrequent trips to the pharmacy...

  3. What dates ya birthday again???

  4. I agree with you on the email card thing.

    Look for mine in the next week or so. Was thinking of leaving you hanging as to whether I'd sent one or not, but thought that I better ut you out of your misery ;-)

  5. Gotcha Chris! NO e-cards:)
    Mine will be in the mail to you by this coming wednesday ( thursday your time):0 and I even took the time to write a personal message in it...:)

  6. Tidy!! You should our place today, tidya is not a word I would use. The kids go home tonight and then back to normal:-)

  7. Is it too late to send a card? How much in postage does it take to get one from the USA to New Zealand? What was that address again? LOL. So many questions. I guess I could answer all those myself if I went back and found the post where you asked us all to send you cards, but why would I want to do it the easy way???

  8. Haha, I love how specific you are!

  9. The post office told me it would take 5 days, so hold on!

  10. forgot to mention in my comment the other day that Ma and Pa's house is a little further up the hill when you come out of the walkway. I can't remember what number but my bro used to have the big white double storied colonial house & they could wave to each other.

  11. I'm glad you keep reminding us!!


    Your back yard looks great. Stu had done a fantastic job on your retaining wall.

    I hope your weather improves. It's glorious here.

  12. Whew! I sent my card to you earlier today. Thank goodness I decided against an e-card (I don't like them either...)

    I hope the post box is stuffed with cards soon!

  13. OK OK I submit - I'll send you a card!!! Ha Ha House is looking great and the garden too - you're like me you do everything at a hundred miles an hour! Z xx

  14. oh that was nice to talk to Daughter #2,

    hope to see you 2morrow.

    Daughter #3

  15. Can't wait to see how many cards you get. Sorry to hear the weather isn't cooperating. I think the cushions look just fine too.

  16. You know I'm so jealous. That is very, very similar to the outdoor furniture I want. I wanted the square rather than the rectangle because of the large family we have I need room to put the food somewhere!!!!

    But Mr T won't let me get it until he's put the deck up. And he hasn't give me an E.T. I may have to use my feminely wiles on him otherwise I might see another summer go down the gurgler without getting it.

  17. Yep, i'd say the outdoor setting looks quite different (for the better) with the cushions - you have been a busy little bee!

    LOL @ e-cards, I bet you'd read them first before sending them back - just as well I sent you a real card on Tuesday.


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