Tuesday, September 23, 2008


- kids to school
- hang around here cos..

Steve is coming up from Palmerston North to visit for a couple of days! Hell, I hope he doesn't think he's moving in!!! We just got rid of him AGAIN!!! LOL....

Not much else to say at the moment.. except.....

I may have lost me 'girly' bits inside, but not enough it would seem! I still get ovulation pains something awful, got me a really sore belly! Friggin ovaries, pffft.

On that grumpy note, I'm off to do .... something, dunno what....

MR CHOO: what??? Is that it? No scathing remark about us taking Steve back in when he visits? NOTHING! How unlike you, you feeling well??? lol

I went out for a walk.... 40 minutes with lots of hills.. am knackered now! But it's all good!
Seems Steve IS on his way up.... such a long way to come for one night, the twit! But I think Griffin and Brylee with be totally WRAPT to see him this afternoon! I didn't tell them he was coming... so it will be a lovely surprise for them. Griffin has missed him so much!

Doesn't really require words to describe this photo eh? Soooo cute.
All is good here today.

End of Day: well it's nice to see Steve again, and he is going back tomorrow! We have a full day planned, going to see his Grandfather, visit his Aunty, do a bit of shopping (ooo errrr!)... just spend some time together.

Me tummy is still giving me a bit of trouble, can't cough without pain today... nuts.

NSV: friggin none, overate today, dunno why... can't get into the groove at all. bugger it. nite nite.


  1. Oh I can so relate to that grumpiness right now as well..... Have a great day :-)

  2. poor you. Hope the pain eases.

  3. What? You aren't letting Steve move in?? I hope his situation is ok, seriously. Bless ya hon.

  4. im jealous...

    steve NEVER vists ME anymore.. :(

  5. How wonderful that you will get to see Steve again, and that B & G will get to play with him - I bet they miss him terribly! I hope everything's okay with him :)

  6. Don't give Steve a key!

  7. mmmmmmmmhmmmmmmmm. I too can relate to the grumpiness. Full moon + pms = crazy Annie.

    Hope you're feeling better, love!!

  8. Griffin looks one happy little boy!!

  9. He wouldn't move back in. If you stop cooking with Cheese.

    Love the pictures of your new castle.

  10. Glad you had a good day...
    bummer about the pain tho!!

  11. O what a cute photo!!!

    and look at those teeth....

    Daughter #3

  12. awwwwwwwwww Griffin does miss Steve ehhhh, love the pic!

    Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

  13. I don't suppose this is Brylee or Griffin's teacher???


  14. Steve looks THRILLED with the hug! I hope he was happier to see you!

  15. Hope the tummy pains have eased by now. Glad to hear all went well with your visitor. Griffin looks over the moon. Love the new garden furniture. What a fun weekend.

  16. That picture is so sweet! I'm also loving the pics of the house. Very cool =D

  17. That's a very sweet picture of the kids. I hope my kids will miss each other when they separate.


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