Monday, September 22, 2008


YEP... that's what I'm gunna do today!

No shopping as such, just looking .... for an Outdoor Table and chairs.. ... I have a good idea what we want and can afford... so it's really exciting! I'm going to look around at what's available here... and hopefully next weekend we can go buy it.

- kids to school ( 5 days till end of term holidays)
- do the housework
- go window shopping ( a novelty for me!)

I much prefer to just 'go shopping' but this time I have to wait... what a drag.

Oh and once I'm outta bed I will post a photo or two of yesterday's birthday party. So, in saying that... better get outta bed eh? Can't do much from here....

Our 'Chef' for the day.... ANDREW.... gotta love the apron!

Playing in the back yard...

Brylee and Amanda playing 'Twister'... with Kelly helping Brylee...

The Birthday Boy, Joel, opening his presents.

CONTRARY to popular opinion... I did not buy anything... unless you count a few groceries? LOL

Home again, and lovin it... kids at school, got the whole house to myself... no mess, no noise...BLISS.....

OK, now I have to take it all back.... I went out again, and bought an Outdoor table and 8 chairs. I am IMPOSSIBLE, I know! I got them ON SALE, $600 off!!! And brand new I might add.... not even last year's stock.... ahhhh BARGIN. WOOO HOOO, a successful day.

ABOVE: The table and chairs, now I suppose I shall look around for squabs for the chairs... but I'm in no hurry! I have seen a few around, but don't like any of them. Some will turn up ... I want bright and colourful, preferably in blues.... of course!

End of Day: another lovely day! Stew's sister came for dinner so that was nice. We usually only see her once a year or so, now that we live here we can see her much more often.

NSV: lovely salad for dinner, and summer is coming! nite nite.


  1. Wow, how cool that you are now closer to your family! Good luck with the "window shopping"... I bet you'll still buy something. Its fun though right? hehe...

  2. Haha what a goofy apron! My baby brother is the only one I know that would wear something like that.

  3. Nice outdoor setting. Haha, I didn't think you would be able to look and not buy!!

    Well done on your auctions. I love ebay when I am selling stuff. It's fun.

  4. Love the out door setting..... I am taking it that you are looking for cushions things for the chairs in blue... why dont you make some??? You are doing so well in the sewing department...

  5. like the the chef more, he is a cutie. lol. hope you had fun window shopping.

  6. Wow Chris, looks like a good time was had by all;)
    Come on over to my 200th post and play a game!

  7. I love the new table and chairs! They are going to look great on the patio! Your yard is looking good!

  8. I can't believe how much you have achieved in such a short amount of time! I get tired just reading your blog! Love the outdoor setting:)

  9. ooooooooooooh....I like me the table and chairs!!!

  10. ahhh...our summer is ending here.

    and, lovin' the apron!


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