Thursday, September 04, 2008



- Kids to school.
- Stew to work.
- Final container arrives.
- Telecom man arrives (hopefully) to get our internet up and running..... he bloody better!

Also, I must do a grocery grab, we have NO FOOD!!!

Mu Mum is here now also, so I shall have the delight of showing her around the new home.... she arrived so late last night it wasn't really possible to show her much.... EXCITEMENT ABOUNDS!

I am praying the internet is on some time today too... I can't wait to post some photos!!! I have a lot......

No doubt my Aunt Ethel will arrive this morning too, my Mum is her big sister.... Ethel has been a godsend to me over these last few days, helping me with the kids and with the unpacking.... ahhhh family eh? Some ya just can't live without. LOL.

Right, I'm off for now, hopefully I can pop back on during the day like 'normal' once me internet is connected. I miss multi-updating! ha ha ha! I'm a blog addict... I have missed reading how you are all doing too.....

FINALLY.... we have internet! We have photos:

ABOVE: The mountains on the way up to Auckland....

Brylee and Griffin in their new school uniforms, ready to go to school on Monday morning.....

The family room... before we got our furniture..

DITTO with the lounge....

And the garage.....

MORE photos tomorrow..... it's been another LONG day and I'm knackered! The final container didn't take too long to unload... lots of garden stuff.... and me letterbox! Woo hoo, it really is starting to feel like home.

Did a big grocery shop this afternoon too.... really am feeling like a burst balloon.... haggard.

End of Day: it's starting to all come together... and I've not felt stressed out ONCE! This is lucky for the moving guys .... cos they would have copped it if I'd gotten CRABBY..... ha ha ha.

NSV: eeeerrrrr none today.... I had a pie for lunch! EVIL.... nite nite!


  1. Aha! Well now you're on my blog roll / reader that shouldn't be a problem......unless life takes over of course.

  2. How great your Mum can come help,I love how that sounds so much classier than Mom. Enjoy the new Home! When is your Open House? Jealous, just a little..okay ALOT!!

  3. Looking forward to seeing the pics of your lovely new home.

    I'm sure the unpacking will go well with the extra helping hands.

    Keep on smiling.

  4. Can't wait to see some pictures

  5. How fab that your Mum has come over to help out! Have fun unpacking - I hate unpacking, and I only had to deal with a 3 bedroom house full! good luck :)

  6. You're having such an exciting time!

  7. Hi ya Chris :) Sorry didn't get to catch up before you left, but so happy that you are now settled in Auckland. Woo hoo you are now really a JAFFA ..... LOL
    Big Hugs :)

  8. Wow what great photos and I'm glad the unpacking is going well. The kids look so cute in their new uniforms.

    Can't wait to see more photos......

  9. Glad to see you are surviving. Good luck getting it all set up.

  10. sorry i haven't visited in awhile Chris. Will catch up more later. love the pics, and it will look twice as good with furniture.
    The kiddos are cute. Are they liking school?
    have a great day!

  11. those pictures are outstanding!

  12. One day you will have to tell me how you can write in green [with step by step instructions, and possibly pictures.]

  13. YAY! Pics of the house! I had missed the for sale photos. Thanks for taking more Stanley pics! Gorgeous stuff.

    Have a great visit with your Mum.


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