Friday, September 26, 2008


If you buggers don't pull finger and send me a 50th BIRTHDAY CARD real soon I am going to SPIT THE DUMMY AND STOP BLOGGING.... well maybe!

NO CARDS.... NONE, ZIP, NADDA... I am in mourning... you only have 3 weeks to send me one!


Chris H
Diet Coke Rocks
C/- P O Box 4012

- kids to school
- zip over to Manukau Mega Centre and try to find squabs for me BBQ Table and Chairs..... and NO, I can't be fagged making me own Nannette!
- That's it for now......

Awww thanks Mrs C., no doubt YOUR card will turn up in a day or two... Now as for the REST OF YOU......

Woke up this morning with a cracker headache and aching arms and legs... GARDENING is not good for me! But it does look so good! I will get some more plants today for the left side of the vege garden... EXCITED ABOUT THAT! I'm a dork...

ANNE: yep I know it's not my Birthday YET... but it can take ages for letters to arrive from overseas... and I would like to think I will get a few from my overseas readers! Thanks for the tip about the compost... will go looking today.

I've been out shopping... gotta go get the kids SOON... so will be back later to 'show off' me purchases!....

Ok, got time.... I went to Sylvia Park... it's AWESOME! Walked around for 3 hours!

Bought blue feathers for an arrangement in the lounge, gorgeous summer shoes and a skirt/pants set for swimming in.... if I ever go swimming! Probably will down at the local pool.

I also decided to visit the Weight Watchers Centre there, I did not enjoy the meeting last night at all..... it was an uninspiring venue, and a so-so meeting. No one spoke to me.... and I kinda didn't like staring at a white concrete block wall for 40 minutes.... and that's what was in front of the semi-circle of chairs.... NOTHING BUT WHITE CONCRETE. No motivation there. I LOVED the Sylvia Park Meeting, and I spent a good half an hour yakking with the National Leader (BIG CHIEF) Lady, who was just lovely.

ON my way home I bought compost and some plants (lettuce and strawberries!).... but I won't bore you with a photo of them! LOL

Better go...

ALLEYCAT: Patience??? What's dat? I don't have any of that on hand...... ha ha ha!

End of Day: getting used to this.... saying...." I've had a great day! Love it here"... can't say it enough.

AND.... I got a card in today's mail... Mrs C, yours arrived! WOOOO HOOOO..... and .... I am not opening any cards till me birthday party day.

NSV: totally on track and feeling choice ! nite nite.


  1. ??

    Well, I sent it about a week ago!! I sure hope it arrives ok! I would have to send you a cheesy E-card if it doesn't come soon, and those aren't quite the same.

  2. It's not your birthday yet!!!!

    Mushroom compost - I'm sure most garden centres would have it. Comes in big bags like potting mix. Also can buy it loose.

  3. I sent one too... should be on it's way! :)

  4. Mine is on the way somewhere too!! I thought it would have been there seem as we are practically neighbours....only had to get across the ditch!!

  5. patience my dear I sent you one a week ago it takes a WHILE to SWIM to new zeland from the wonderful southern state of Georgia in the USof A LOL

  6. It's coming, don't worry!

  7. Don't panic, m'dear will arrive soon :-) The card, that is..

  8. Chris, my car has broken down, so if I can get to the store here soon, I will send you one from Texas! Please don't stop blogging!

  9. I thought you were my age! I'm hitting 40 soon. Woman - You look GREAT!

  10. Patience Grass Hopper!!!!!!!

  11. I havn't sent the card yet, but as it only takes a few days I figure I've got plenty of time up my sleeve.
    Don't fret pet, your loyal followers will be doing as we are asked and sending cards. (as if we would ever consider not ).

  12. You can't open any cards until your birthday anyway - LOL!!!

    It will be interesting to see how many you get.

  13. OK,OK I will buy a card tomorrow!

    Now those feathers are going to be used in conjunction with sheepskin aren't they? ROFL

  14. Hehe!! I have the adress now, so hold ya horses I'll send ya a card!!!! Ya tart:)

  15. I sent one from Nova Scotia last week as well.

    Should be there soon. Via Ice Breaker, hopefully left before Hurricane kyle hits this weekend.

  16. Hey - you have to let those of us who procrastinate do it with style! I should get one for you in the mail today when I send my box to Lauren in Iraq. There's an idea!

  17. You're too funny, I'm sure you're going to get plenty of Birthday Cards coming you way soon.

    Sorry to hear that WW place was less than inspirational. Have a great weekend playing around in your garden.

  18. i have that exact same skirt.. it looks great on me

  19. i'm trying to find you the perfect gift you have to wait....I promise it will be worth it!!!

  20. Oh I love the skirt.. what top do you wear with it when swimming? I want a bikini top but one with an underwire... in black.. cant fkn find one anywhere!!! PLease if you see one over the ditch when shopping let me know.. I have nice boardies.. but want a noice top ... need to tone the belly a bit more tho...*sigh* need to get back on track too..*bigger sigh* corn chips and dip n camembert and scotch last night doesnt add up to healthy dieting...

  21. Sorry, but I'm fairly certain my wife will have a cow if she could me buying a card for someone else.


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