Saturday, September 27, 2008



I'm really chuffed with the little bit of vege garden I've done so far! Lettuces and strawberries. YUM YUM.


We are off to pick up the outdoor table and chairs first thing, then housework for me, and Stew is going to work on getting the swing set up and then move on to the retaining wall.

Amanda and Andrew are also visiting and staying overnight, so that will be nice. They will be our third overnight visitors since we moved here three weeks ago... oooo we are popular it seems! LOL.

"Diet Front"... doing well, think I will start tracking and doing it 'right' again. Feel very motivated and 'want to do it-ish' since my visit to Sylvia Park yesterday. ONWARD....

A busy morning... picked up the outdoor furniture, also bought a sun lounger for me.... now trying to put it all together. Stew's gone down to the Hot Bread Shop for lunch... I asked for... NOTHING! No more shit food for me... I will have a salad me thinks.
WANNA: Ya Tart... I certainly do want a card from you! As if....

Afternoon update: it's raining, I put together 6 out of the 8 chairs while Stew worked on the swing set... he can't concrete it in right now cos of the rain.. BUGGER. Expecting Amanda and Andrew for dinner so that's me next job, cook dinner. Spaghetti Bologneise me thinks.
End of Day: still raining, got visitors, having a nice evening....
NSV: on track, being good... maybe had a bit too much dinner, but no pudding! nite nite.


  1. yep you are a gardener Lovely choice of plants too!

  2. With all those cards coming you wont need one from me then... hehe

  3. Nah you dont need another card.... You will have plenty.... ;o)
    Wish I could come over and party with you in person!!! (again) haha

  4. Looks like you know what you are doing. I'm still need to plant bulbs for next spring.

  5. Nice on starting a garden....I need to do that someday.
    Ok, wrote down your address....and I'll try to send the card here soon. Your house is looking lovely and liked the blue big picture you bought.

  6. Hope you had a good night

  7. Chris, how do you manage it all? The house, the gardening, the kids... you seem to always be on the go... I admire that! good job on the veggie patch... will you grow some cabbage patch babies in there? hehehehe. xox

  8. God, just when I think I have had a busy day, I read your blog and it makes me feel lazy!!! Do you ever stop woman!?

  9. Yes you are a gardener. Watch out for bugs and birds!

  10. Nice. Raised beds are great for lettuces.

  11. I love the garden! I wish I could make one, but I know the plants would become "snacks" for Kona...silly dog, he loves to dig up everything!


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