Sunday, September 28, 2008


Doesn't our patio look neat now? We have furniture! Only need squabs now and it will be perfect.

Stew managed to get the swing set concreted in late yesterday afternoon while dodging the rain... hopefully it will have set overnight so the kids can actually use it during these school holidays! I can't wait to see them on it.

WE don't have any firm plans for today, maybe Amanda and Andrew have something/somewhere they would like to go..... we will wait and see I suppose.

Grocery shopping is a MUST though, we are out of quite a few essentials... like rabbit food (lettuce and stuff!)... must get back into salads... they are good and summer is nearly here! When better to eat salads eh?

Imagine eating out on the patio at night... it's going to be so nice. Wonder if they get mossies here? I'm thinking YES... darn, cos mossies LOVE ME. I have bought some citronella candles in readiness.....

OH Yeah... men working... gotta love that!
Amanda and I managed to go shopping and leave the kids with the guys... BLISS.
Groceries got, shops explored... all good stuff. Lunch out on the BBQ Table... in the sun.... more BLISS. Tis a lovely day.

End of Day: what a lot got accomplished this weekend ! With Andrew's help Stew managed to get the swing set up and going, and build and finish the safety fence above the retaining wall .... it all looks awesome. So with having the Outdoor Table and Chairs/Sun Lounger all put together as well this place is almost set for summer.... BRING IT ON.
NSV: Is being SUPER HAPPY a victory? nite nite.


  1. Beautiful Table!!

  2. OOOOO! Wow!


    Did you get my card yet?? Huh??

  3. Good to see there are other early birds on a Sunday morning! I have never heard the term "squabs" before and took me a while to work out what you meant! I think we just call them outdoor cushions here!!! Do we, Wanna?? lol
    I love the table and it looks great. Lavender oil also keeps mossies away from you. Put a couple of drops of essential lavender oil onto your SQUABS when you get them and maybe a couple of potted lavender plants around the works!! They love me too:)

  4. You have been very busy (no surprises there). I love your outdoor setting. You sound so much happier mate. Glad you found a friendlier WW group, it makes such a difference.

  5. Love the outdoor furniture Chris! Haven't commented for a while but do love the new house and how fast you have got it looking just right for your family!
    Am sure the kids will enjoy their holidays a lot more now that they have the swing set to play on!

  6. I like that table...

    I went into Lowe's (like Placemakers)here, once,and asked where their squabs were. They thought I was asking for baby pigeon meat...

  7. You would think this will teach me to miss blogging for about a month - now I need to go back and read about the big move.

    Thanks for sticking around for my few and far between blog posts!

  8. Geez! Everything looks great. It will be so much fun to spend your first summer in your new house!

  9. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The table setting looks great hopefully we can eat of it on wednesday or thursday nite YUM YUM!!!.

    cant wait to see the swing set too!!.

    Daughter #3

  10. Out door setting looks gr8...
    I was at an outdoor shop today and they actually had those rubber wrist band things but they were for deterring Mozzies!!! They might be just what you need!

  11. I like the patio furniture. What's a "squab"?

  12. Things are really shaping up around your house! Looking good!

    I just posted your birthday card. Hope it gets there soon!

  13. Nice patio set. Looks like a ton of work got done over the weekend. Hope the weather improves so the kids can get out there to play.


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