Friday, September 12, 2008


Well, I do and I don't.... it's good that Stew will be home over the weekend to give me a hand! It's not so good that the kids will be under our feet all day... I know you are supposed to LOVE having your kids around... but I'm so over them sometimes! Griffin can be a right pain in the arse... he has PERFECTED the art of nagging .... and we often give in just to shut him up!

NOT good... I know! But it's give in or KILL THE LITTLE BUGGER! I swear he's the most frustrating kid ever. Why - oh - why did the last kid have to be THE WORST???? Brylee is a dream of a kid, never gives us any bother... plays quietly for ages, does not nag, you know, just GOOD.

OOOPS, I was having a rant wasn't I? LOL.... gotta happen sometimes eh?
- kids to school (YES)
- Continue on with the garage
- Ring the Moving Company and get them to come and take away the empty boxes


WOOOO HOOOO !!!! Look what I did this morning, I got me van in the garage! It FITS with room to spare. So happy about that.

ME: "Come on Teddy, come down the stairs"
TEDDY: "Eeerrrr NO FREAKIN way am I coming down the stairs, I'm a scardy cat !"

So after I have done in the garage and wanted a break, I come up to find him settled on a couch! Blimmin dog! "Are ya QUITE comfortable then?"

I just went SHOPPING... but STOP don't go getting excited, I only bought more groceries! I went to Manukau Pak N Save... what a shop! So much more selection than the one in Palmerston North! I love this one!

I then had to unload it all and lug it up our stairs....OK OK there's ONLY 11 stairs... but try going up and down them a dozen times! And tomorrow I am going to start TRACKING the number of times I go up and down in a day! Should be interesting. EXERCISE PEOPLE, it's all exercise.

I am so lucky! I was knackered after doing the groceries and didn't feel like walking down to school, and back up the friggin hill... and WOOOO HOOOO it rained so I had to go in the van eh? *snigger*

End of Day: a bit quieter today, pacing myself a bit better.

NSV: I dunno how many times I went up and down our stairs today, but it was a friggin LOT! This is good (I suppose!) nite nite.


  1. hang in there. Tell him to zip his lip.

  2. No weight gain, no swollen nipples - LOL - no not me, Izzy!!

    She seems "normal" but am taking her to the vet next week because if she is it would be half way.

    Have a good day and don't overdo it!

  3. He's a boy. I swear, when my boys were younger, I was positive that they were God's punishment for having sex!!!

    When the girl got to puberty, then she joined that theory...

    Rant away .. it does you good!! :-)

  4. You're supposed to love having your kids around, really? Because my favorite time of day is when they're in school.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new kitchen. It is fabulous. Ooh I'm so jealous.

  5. I agree with Karen, wait till Brylee reached puberty,my daughter was a perfect baby and child until the hormones kicked in - now she is the ANTI CHRIST!! lol!

    AAAW, Teddy is so adorable

  6. hahahaha thanks for the laugh re teddy, so funny?? what a cutie,

    Glad you progressing with the garage.

  7. That's a really small car. That's what we need more of in the USA. We have too many big SUVs over here.

  8. Well i dnt know if that is a good thing ornot but put ur peddomitor (if thats how its spelt I DNT KNOW)on and see hw many steps you do a day you will b surprised.

    well will c yo 2morrrow about lunch time or just after.

    Daughter #3

  9. Awwwww Teddy is so cute on that lounge......

    Wow good on you for getting the van in the garage. Way to go....

  10. Chris, little Griffin would *never* be disagreeable. He's too cute LOL!!

    Hope your Saturday's great... have a good weekend!

  11. The Van is IN the garage! Super! I am proud of you! Just think how the steps will help you get in shape!

  12. Sorry to hear Griffin stressing you out. Not a nice way to start the day.

    Great progess on the garage. The dog seems quite at home. Remember to take it easy, you just had surgery not long ago. Hope you find some peace this weekend.

  13. I cannot believe how big that little ball of fluff puppy of yours has gotten to be. Seems like just yesterday...

    well, you know.

    Glad he has taken to the new place well. :)

    The Maid
    Good to see you again!

  14. I can't believe how incredibly busy you've been! I wish I had half your energy!


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