Sunday, September 07, 2008


Teddy and Mum in the lounge last night.... and

To answer all the questions about how Teddy has settled in... he's loving the new place... he has accepted his new kennel and bed no problems at all... he is just lovely! HE has been very excited and bouncy... licking us constantly... I do believe he missed us.

ABOVE: three views of the 'afternoon patio' with all my pots and bits and pieces in the gardens....

ABOVE: Teddy with Mum on the 'morning patio'... this area is where Teddy has his kennel and run around area. It works really well.

Today we are expecting our daughter Amanda, her fiance' Andrew and her two little boys Huston and Joel and our daughter Kelly, her partner Gordon and their two.. Leigh and baby Rena to visit. I can't wait to see them all..... in our new home.

It's so neat we are now close enough for them to come and visit for the day, we are just over an hour away from them now.

Right, better get started on the day! later....

Well the kids arrived for the day... .and OOOOPS, I forgot it was Father's Day! I will just have to give the man something TONIGHT eh? *snigger*

We have had a lovely day, yakking, eating and just hanging out together. I will post photos of the day tomorrow...

Anonymous: we RE-HOMED our Golden Retriever Izzy to my friend's farm because our new home only has a small section... not enough room for a large dog ... and my health has been rather bad over the past year or so and I have not been able to exercise her. Teddy is a small dog who does not require a large area to run around in... and does not need to be taken for long walks. We did not "get rid" of our dog Izzy.... we found her a new loving home.
After our family had left we all popped into Remuera to see Stew's Dad for Father's Day... he's almost 92... what a great age !
Stew and his Dad.
End of Day: a fantastic family day... we had a really nice day.
NSV: OH DEAR... none to think of in relation to diets! But I'm happy, and that's the main thing. nite nite.


  1. You've got your plant pots sorted as well as the interior! I'm well impressed. I decorated my daughter's room [one room] and we've only managed to get the bed back in there.

    Actually that's a lie too, we've only got the mattress back in there.

    Well done you.


  2. beautiful house and I love stews chair it just looks so comfy!!!!! I bet teddy was so excited to see you!
    have fun with the kids visiting!
    Hugs Laura

  3. Your new house is lovely, Chris, especially with the sunny outside areas. I can see many a cuppa will be had out there :o).

    Enjoy the time day with your family.

  4. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Of couse Teddy missed you! My cat follows me around adoringly for at least a day or when she's been at the cattery, punctuated mind you with a bite to the back of the calf every now & again to remind me that although she missed me she's still pissed off for being left! Your patio looks lovely!!

  5. So whats the difference between the afternoon and morning patio? Is it where the sun hits at the different times of day?

    So cool to have your family closer by now. Enjoy!

  6. You are sounding so happy with your new place and being up in Auckland. I am so pleased it is all working out so well for you. Your place looks lovely :-)

  7. Love the new place Chris. Looks very homey, and already can see your touches to the place.
    Have a good arvo with the kids!

  8. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Just wondering why you got rid of your last dog and have now got another? Was there something wrong with the first one?

  9. No sure what the comment actually said but I do know how you found it hard making a decision about Izzy, I know you still love her! I'm sure she is a lot happier up here on the farm having piles of room to run around in, rather than be cooped up on a small section.

    Enough said!

    Enjoy your time with the family today:-)

  10. It all looks lovely Chris and I'm thrilled to hear that you sound so positive and settled.

    What do the kids think of it all?

  11. nnonmglad everything is falling into place chris teddy looks happy to be home too enjoy your day with your family

  12. Mmmm.. funny the dog comment was from "anonymous". Why don't people use use their real details when making a comment like that?

  13. The house is looking brilliant - so happy for you that everything is coming together so well.
    Z xx

  14. ohhhh Happy Fathers Day Stew...enjoy!!

    The new home is looking gorgeous Chris, you sound so happy there too.

    Keep smiling

  15. New house is looking great Chris - you look settled already.

  16. All looking really lovely Chris. Well done :) Glad you had a nice day with family :)

  17. Oh what a nice photo of grandmother and teddy,

    love the house mother and will b visiting you move and more now. how nice.

    good to c that our little girl gave you lots of smiles!!!!! and good to c grandma again, must get that photo done thow, AYE!!!!!!!!!

    Daughter #3

  18. WOW the unpacking is going so well and the house and yard looks fantastic. I so love the pictures and its great to hear that teddy has settled in really well.

  19. Happy Fathers day Stew!!! Fancy forgetting Chris!!!
    Hi to Mum!!! Long time no see!!
    House looks divine.. and Teddy looks very happy..
    So glad you have your family closer now..
    Take care..

  20. Teddy matches the carpet LOL!!

    What a great place. You can tell it's smaller, but it's so perfect and with "only" (lol) two children you don't need a huge place.

    Have a great visit with your MUM!!

  21. Glad you had a great day!! :-)

    Stew's Dad looks really good for 92.... a good omen for Stew :-)

    You're looking really settled in there ... it must be such a relief..

  22. oooooooooh...I love your new pad, girlie!

  23. Hey don't tell anonymous the truth okay. BTW the dog stew I made yesterday was to die for. Mwahahahahah.


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