Friday, September 05, 2008


AWWWW our wee dog comes home today, I'm really looking forward to that. I am going out today to get him a water proof kennel so he can spend time outside.... we really have no room for him in the garage at the moment! :

ABOVE... our garage now! NO room to move! It will take me months to sort this bloody lot out. Oh well, I won't be idle eh?

ABOVE: The first container... packed to the max arrives...

The first thing to go into our new home... my bed. lol

Here's C***** taking the old letterbox out of the ground for me yesterday....

And here's C***** and J****** putting MY LETTERBOX in it's new home... it was so neat of them to do that for me! I gave them lunch for being so nice....

The first room I finished.... the spare bedroom, which my Mum is sleeping in at the moment. Notice the 'doodle' art on the wall that I got from Rick Green ? It was the FIRST thing I hung on a wall in our new home! And it goes so well in this room.... I'm wrapt with it.

I am going to take lots more photos today now that I'm back on the 'net and show off some more finished rooms..... and hopefully over the weekend I can start catching up on some blog reading!

But for now I've got to get the kids to school, go buy a kennel.... you know... DO STUFF!!! lol

ABOVE AND BELOW: Griffin's new room.... I am thrilled with it!

Mum and I went SHOPPING this morning... I forgot to publish me post for the day! Derrrr..... anyway... where was I ? Oh yes, SHOPPING! We went and bought more school uniform for the kids, then got a kennel for Teddy:

ABOVE: Teddy's new kennel..... with a lovely warm padded bed inside to keep him warm... poor wee bugger is going outside tonight! Hope he doesn't cry all night!

See the colour of the carpet? GET USED TO IT.... ha ha ha ha! I have no doubt I will be showing off me purchases on it in the future....

End of Day: another really neat day, but we did no unpacking today... having a break!

NSV: I cooked dinner for the first time in our new house.. wooo hooo! It took me a few minutes to figure out how to get the stove to go... but I did it ! nite nite.


  1. Looks awesome!

    Congrats. Hope unpacking the rest goes smoothly.

  2. I love that color of that room. Did you pick that out or was it like that? I am so danged excited to see new pictures of your house. I feel like I have been moving right along with you after reading everything leading up to this point.

  3. Anonymous1:47 PM

    oooooh things are coming together quite nicely! How fun!

  4. Looking Good! Hi Mum!!

  5. Looks like you are settling in. Hope you get lots more done over the weekend:-)

  6. CUTE dog house! Everything looks great!

  7. Hey, Hey, Hey! Coffee Bean clued me in on the photo of my doodle hanging in your home! I am sooooo very honored, and the first thing you hung? Wow! Chris. You are indeed "wrapped" with it. (What ever that means.)

    It is very strange to look at something that I created here and to know that it hangs on a wall in New Zealand. Thanks again for the honor.

  8. Chris your house is starting to come together already! Looking good matey!

  9. Griffin must be wrapped with his new room.. looks nice and spacious... How are they coping with the move?

  10. Wow cant wait to c the new house!!!!!!!!!!

  11. As I said before, I'm just so excited for you all to be in your new house and to be back together AS A FAMILY!!! We will be coming for a visit......

  12. Unpacking is such a pain...but it will be worth it when you are all settled in the new place!

  13. Everything is looking good. Have a wonderful weekend in you new home.

  14. when you said you were going to spend the day "sorting stuff", at first i thought you wrote "snorting stuff"...

    i was alittle worried...

  15. Hi! I am new to your blog, saw your new doodle on Ricks blog.

    My name is Tonjia, I live in Colorado, USA and I am on Weight Watchers too!

    When I saw NSV on your sidebar, I knew I had found a new WW friend.

    Enjoy the new home! what kind of dog do you have?

  16. I come down south from Rick's blog... had to check out the doodle. I had such fun reading about your move (love your letterbox, way more interesting than the other one) and, I hate to say, was glad it was someone else moving and not me. I'll be back to read some more... got to go eat some supper.

    Helen G.


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