Sunday, September 21, 2008


Today we are popping out to our Grandson Joel's 4th birthday party... so that will be nice. Our first weekend trip out since moving here...

So while I'm out... here's a couple more photos of the yard...

ABOVE: two of the afternoon side of the yard... and it's lovely EMPTY patio... we are looking for an Outdoor Dining setting....

ABOVE: the little patio off our bedroom.

This house is in a 'boomerang' shape, so it is very interesting... some lovely angles and bits jutting out like Griffin's room. I am really enjoying this house.

It's time to skid the wheels me thinks... and get outta bed and wrap a present for Joel....

What a neat day! It takes next to no time to visit our kids in the Waikato now! We spent several hours at our eldest daughter's home, Joel had a lovely wee party and we thoroughly enjoyed being there.

I will post a photo or two tomorrow, right now I'm busy collecting $$$'s from people who are picking up stuff they won on Trademe. OOO the money is rollling in... gotta love that! Should have more than enough to buy an outdoor table and chairs at this rate.

End of Day: I'm tired, but very happy.

NSV: well I was evil all day, and I don't give a shit. There is always tomorrow to repair the damage, and life is for LIVING.... and that's what I am doing! YIPEE.... nite nite.


  1. The house looks lovely Chris, well done. Have fun at the party!

  2. Howdy, I enjoyed the catalog of the move. Better Thee Than Me (I hate moving). :o) I wish I had cataloged our move from Florida to Georgia. It took me a month to pack, and two years to unpack! So depressing.
    We would like to visit New Zealand someday. It sure looks lovely there with great folks.
    BTW, I found your Blog link at my BFF, "Soulbrush" in London, England.
    Sparky ♥ ∞ (Patterson, Georgia USA)

  3. Love parties.

    Have you moved? Did you sell?? Where the mo fo have I been??

  4. Everything looks so fabulous!! Hope you have a wonderful party. :-)

  5. hey chick, blogged last nite, or rather early this morning, and i actully slept like a log after doing so, so maybe, i need to vent some more on here. just checked out what you have been up the house, and you have made a good job of turning the house, into a home...beautiful.. catch u soon k

  6. Great pics Chris! Happy 4th Birthday to your grandson! They sure grow up fast - I wish we could see out little Ava more.... The house looks GREAT!


    Jerry in Tampa

  7. Don't you just love kids birthday parties? We had 2 of them today, my nieces 6th birthday party follwed by a friends sons 3rd birthday party!

    Loving the photos of your house! The best part about making so much money on TradeMe is that you have money to spend ... lol

  8. Everything is looking so nice and put together Chris. You have really worked hard to get everything in place, and it sure shows.

    I love your yard, and all your "bits and pieces". I like to put the same sort of things in my yard, it gives it a lot of character.

    And, by the way, I loved what you said at the end of your day. Good for you! Everyone needs to enjoy a little more, and worry about stuff, especially diets and such crap, a little less. This, coming from a girl who can walk 15 miles in a day to loose weight, and then turn around and have pizza and ice cream for dinner...oh well, no one's perfect.


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