Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Teddy's leg was looking a bit better yesterday morning, but by last night it was dreadful, AND he was annoying his other leg too... I think he might be allergic to something he's either eating, or his shampoo... or SOMETHING! Hopefully the Vet can get to the bottom of it!

I had to bandage his leg up last night to stop him gnawing it! Idiot dog.
- kids to school
- Teddy to Vet's
- Home to do some actual HOUSEWORK, not unpacking or fluffing around.... Housework needs doing!
So that's me for now.....

ABOVE AND BELOW: pictures I hung yesterday in the Stair way leading up from the Front Door....

We bought a Stud Finder but damned if I could get it to work properly... when it said I had found a stud it was wrong! (OK OK, Stew IS A STUD, but not the sort I was looking for yesterday) ... LOL. I ended up just banging the hooks in where I wanted them, too bad if they went into a stud or not!
1.45pm... I still havn't done any housework! Took ages at the Vet's this morning.... and... Teddy has an allergy to SOMETHING... so the vet gave us anti-histamines, antibiotics etc....

AND THIS GORGEOUS COLLAR! Teddy is not that impressed! BUT....

He's still beautiful, and it's not like it's PINK!

This afternoon I finally sat down at about 2pm... and promptly fell asleep! Woke up with about 3 minutes to go till the kids got out of school, so I jumped in the van and drove to school! Phew, just in time!!!

Must be tired eh? So I had a long sit down from 3-5 then put dinner on, vacumed the house and washed the floors. Don't feel so guilty now.

End of Day: All good, another busy productive day.

NSV: having chicken for dinner.... LOVE CHICKEN! Poor family are getting sick of chicken and veges! Especially Griffin, he cried when I told him what we were having for dinner... he HATES vegetables! nite nite.


  1. that house is really comming along.

    again, im amazed at how fast you are putting it together...

  2. It is looking SO nice!


  3. Your new home is looking awesome! You are better organized than I am, and I've lived here for 9 years! Good for you!

  4. Awww Teddy looks so cute, bucket aside!!! Hope he's better soon :0)

    House looks fab!!!

  5. Wow your accomplishing a ton!
    I hung all my hall stuff the same way, works for me. Some ogs do better with food that has no corn or fillers. It's pricey but they feel better, poor little guy he's so cute.

  6. Cooooooool, nothing like walking around with a bucket on your head!

  7. I know what you mean by the useless stud finder. I have better guessing with a drill.

  8. Oh chris just love the new collar poor teddy hope hes not allergic to auckland lol

  9. I love those Elizabethan collars on dogs. It's so funny when they accidentally walk into the wall. I'm mean huh?

  10. He is beautiful!

  11. oh poor Griffin, but seriously ive yet to meet a kid who DOES like vegetables.

    Hope you find out what Teddy is allergic too soon? I sympathise with the elizabethan collar, my puppy girls hate them.

  12. Glad to see all is going well. Except for the dog. But you now have a Halloween costume for him.

  13. Awww poor Teddy!

    House is looking great (of course!), you certainly have been keeping yourself busy girl!

    Re your 50th, I've already booked/paid for my flights, so won't be able to come up sorry doll... Will make sure I find the funniest/rudest card possible to send to your anonymous address ;)

  14. Is that your front door in the picture? I can see some great exercise happening on those stairs :op
    I'm the same with pictures, just put the nail where i want it.
    You can do google searches of tricking the kids with veges. Like making sweet potato and carrots into chips as well as potatos? Hhmmmm

    Pooooor teddy! lol

  15. ...And there is NOOOOO way you look 50!!!! You could have cards sent to someone you know who has a P.O box? Or work address?

  16. Nice pics on the wall. Pity about the stud. (not Stew of course)

    Poor Teddy.

    Love Chicken. Griffin will have to get over it ae.

  17. Good luck with the dog, he looks so sad. He's gotten big so quickly. Guess all that hard work has taken its toll, you needed that nap. Take care


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