Monday, September 29, 2008


Where the poor bugger can get a rest! He sure worked hard this last weekend! Here's some photos of yesterday:

ABOVE: Stew adjusting the swing set.... notice the fantastic fence??? No little kid is going to fall off the retaining wall now~!

ABOVE: Stew and Andrew getting the Lullaby Swing on... it took some work I assure you!

ABOVE X's 2: Woo hoooo... it WORKS!

ABOVE: LOOK! ... Me ... doing some work!

ABOVE: Me, enjoying the views and watching the planes go by on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon.
At some stage today I am off to Manukau to buy some Squabs (outdoor chair cushions) ... I haven't been able to find any I like, but Andrew suggested I buy some cheap ones and put covers on them! What a clever bugger.... so that's what I am going to do!
Then I will look for a squab box to keep them in when not in use. FUN... shopping again!
OUT and ABOUT... went to Manukau, then Mt Wellington, then Takanini... got the seat cushions (squabs) ... got rubber mats for under the swing set, and... two passionfruit plants for the back fence. We were out for over 3 hours! AND the kids were soooo good!
I am thrilled with how they are enjoying the swing set.
I had hoped to spend a good deal of today outside, but it's cloudy and windy, even had a few spots of rain. So not much getting done outside, and I don't feel like folding the BLOODY ENOURMOUS mountain of washing. I think I'll wait for Stew to come home and give me a hand!
End of Day: another day dusted... and I'm still happy with me lot. Stew folded all the washing while I snoozed in the lounge tonight! Naughty me!
NSV: none today, I did bugger all re: diet/exercise. nite nite.


  1. So nice to hear you sounding so happy, you can really notice it in your posts. And you have to love summer makes you feel so alive. And love it now we can eat outside.

  2. I thought you were a teenager moving that bench! Looks like the kiddos are enjoying the swingset! We need a new one but they are all almost too old for it anyhow.

  3. I'm actually think you are a real softy... fences for kids, swing set for kids... lol

    Yes, sure I'd love to meet up at Sylvia Park. You'll have to come here sometime too - I'm not too far away really. Isn't the spring just wonderful? I'm so glad you're feeling so much happier now.

  4. Everything looks bloody fantastic! All set for summer now:)

  5. Thing are really looking very nice at your new home !!!

    The weather is rather nice here at the moent. Now that the really hot weather is gone, the temps are more like a nice summer day bck in NZ, even though it is now Autumn here.

  6. Busy weekend huh!!! Nice little fence too:)

  7. I LOVE to shop! Nothing like a little retail therapy to cure what ails ya!

  8. I've been in my house for almost three years and still have boxes in the closets. You are inspiring me! Your yard looks amazing and the best part about it are the happy people in it. :)

  9. Looked like a lovely day out,

  10. Look at the gorgeous weather you are having!!!

  11. You are one happy little camper Chris and such a real homemaker, your house is looking like a real home now....all looks fantastic!

  12. It looks like you are enjoying the swing set also! YEAH!

  13. I gotta tell you - that is the coolest looking back yard I have seen!

    Well whenever we get a chance to take a vacation (in 5-10 years) we fully expect an invite down there!



  15. What a wonderful job you have done on the yard!! I love the fence. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  16. Chris ... whereabouts did you find the outdoor seat cushions in the end ... I need some for my outdoor furniture too, but don't know where to look.


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