Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I have a full day planned...
- kids to school.
- visit Stew's Dad so Steve can say "Hi"... he hasn't seen him in years!
- over the Harbour Bridge to check out a shopping mall at Albany, saw a neat picture there I wanna check out again, might buy it for the stairwell.
- Go to Kumeu to see Stew's sister ~ Steve hasn't seen her in years either.

Then home I suppose, cos Steve wants to leave around 3pm so he can have dinner with his sisters in Hamilton.

So, I'll be back much later on today....

Heee hee, made him work while he was here..... neat.

Seems he's doing really well without us... got a new girlfriend (Sarah)... working full time... paying his own bills ... yep leaving him behind was good for him! And me! And his health is much improved too... he is having hardly any blackouts now and is thinking of trying to get into the Police Force now his health has settled down.

Oh I hope like hell he can get in, it's what he's wanted to do for YEARS...

Steve and his Granddad this morning...after visiting him we went over the bridge to Albany and I did buy the picture I had seen earlier and loved....


And it looks freakin gorgeous in me stairwell....
We have had a really neat morning/afternoon.... and soon we will go and pick up the kids and Steve will leave for Palmerston North again.
End of Day: yet another really neat day. After Steve left I decided to do some more gardening... and will show you how well I did tomorrow when I can take a photo. Quite pleased with my efforts... considering I HATE GARDENING AND DIRT.
NSV: got lots of exercise, had evil food for dinner.... and hope to work it off tomorrow! nite nite.


  1. back with Steve? :D

  2. Glad Steve is doing well... See all he needed was to be left alone to fend for himself!! haha.. ove the look of the healthy silverbeet!!

  3. I see the silverbeet in your garden!! Birds get ours. Please don't tell me you don't eat it!

  4. Oh, yeahrrr... you have him pulling weeds, visiting Grandad, lugging big photos AND putting in job aps in ONE VISIT?

    You miracle worker!

  5. Oh wow thats neat (and yes you just had to have it), goes well in the stairwell to.

    Daughter #3

  6. Love the picture...can understand your urgent need to possess such a beautiful blue vision!!!! Hope Steve is successful with his is a wonderful profession:)

  7. Glad things are going well in Steve's world.

    And love the pic!!!

  8. I love gardening. I can't comprehend someone NOT liking gardening! lol

  9. It is super to hear that Steve is doing well for himself. So - he won't be moving back with you anytime soon, will he? YEAH! I am glad that you had him working while he was there - payback for everything you have done for him!

  10. Anonymous3:16 AM

    Steve is a good lookin' fella! I love all the pictures you share of your house!

  11. Looks like you had a fun visit. Great news that he's doing better. Wishing him luck on getting into the police programme. Nice picture enjoy.

  12. Sounds like you had a great day. I love the new picture! It's fun to decorate a new house, isn't it?

  13. Looks like a great visit! What a cool picture.

  14. Nice picture :-)

    Keeping my finges crossed for Steve and the police. Hope he gets in!

  15. Glad Steve is doing well on his own. I wonder if my kids will get better if I kick them out now.


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