Monday, September 15, 2008


RIGHT... I am making PLANS....

It is my 50th BIRTHDAY in 5 weeks... I am planning a Birthday/Housewarming PARTY for Sunday, 19th October at my house.

This will be a lunch - afternoon party.... BBQ type thingee.... all my friends and family are invited.... and it's 'Bring your own grog'....!

Any bloggers in the area who read me blog are welcome too.... as for the rest of you BLOGGERS who read me blog.... I WANT A CARD FROM EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!! A "50th" Birthday Card OK ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I do not expect a gift, JUST A CARD .... THANK YOU!

Anyone who wishes to come can email me on : for our address. As for where to send my CARDS.... I'm still working on an anonymous address (not my own) .... but you will have PLENTY OF TIME to get it to me!

And in case you forget to mail me a card... I am going to REMIND you every other day! I want LOTS AND LOTS of cards.

Ok, now that's outta the way....

- Take me Mum to the airport at 4.30am in the morning!
- Kids to School.
- Have a nap!
- Take Teddy to the Vets, he's got an irritated leg from a knot he had and the skin is weeping (IKKKK)... poor wee dog. I feel so guilty for letting him get a knot that caused his skin to get sore.

I have a long list of other jobs to be done... but can work on them over the week to come. ONWARD....

ABOVE: the 'view' from the window above our bed....

ABOVE: That same window now, after I put net curtains up this morning! WHY do you ask? Weeeeell... the other morning I walked outta me ensuite and waltzed over to me drawers for fresh (and let's not forget...pretty) knickers... and bugger me if the neighbours in the house above weren't on their deck having a smoke and could see right into me bedroom... and there I was butt naked looking right back at them!


This afternoon I have been doing 'fine' details around the house, like hanging pictures, re-arranging things in the garage a bit, getting rid of all the boxed... bla bla bla.

Thanks to a girlfriend in Palmy, I have an address for cards:

Chris H

Diet Coke Rocks

C/- P O Box 4012

Palmerston North, 4412

North Island


Now make sure you send me one!!!! I want to be sitting up in me bed on my birthday party morning opening LOTS AND LOTS of cards from all over the world! How cool will that be?

End of Day: well I didn't get Teddy to the Vet, I didn't have me nap and I'm now tired and crabby.

NSV: well I did get lots of exercise AGAIN.. I'm getting used to those stairs... I can RUN up them now! whooop! nite nite.


  1. Oh.... the kids are in Auckland that weekend might be able to make it.

  2. Yay! its your birthday in 5 weeks. Arn't you excited? lol have a good day Chris

  3. I wish I could come and stay about 2 weeks!

  4. Simpsons Beach ...Of course.

    Today I'm on the deck of our wee cottage at Matarangi. We have 2 days to chill out on our own & the neighbour is doing renovations! Kind of spoils the quiet which I love. Matarangi gives us a break from the constant sea which I also enjoy but is so nice to come into the quiet and listen to the tuis too.

    Can I tease you more? When my Dad bought the place at Simpsons on New Years Day 1955 I never dreamed I would live here one day.

    We have a kind of complicated lifestyle sleeping some nights at Mum's and some at 'home.' And it is almost random as depends on our daughter's work schedule. She's a relieving Community Nurse anywhere on the Coromandel Peninsula can have patients as far away as Whiritoa in S. rest of East coast, north to Coro & down the Pohutakawa Coast to Thames & surrounding, depending on what coverage is required. For the next few weeks she has between 3 & 5 days straight each week at Whangamata so the sensible thing is for her to stay there with a friend.

    Had the most awesome day yesterday. Picked up a friend in Whitianga, coffee at the Chocolate Pretzel in Pauanui before Church where we caught up with friends from Tauranga, Auckland & Matamata. Shared lunch and lots of chat the we left in time to have more coffee at Colenso. Firend had their fabulous vege frittata I had the delicious and decadent looking pavlova. Got home with 10 minutes to get ready for work. Finally had tea at home 9 pm. The weather was perfect ...... now that's a day Icould repeat again and again.

  5. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Hi de hi campers - wow you have been busy. I am so happy for you all that everything is going so well. If you need the anonymous address for posting Chris, send them to PO Box 4012 Palmerston North and I will put them in a courier bag and forward to you in Auckland.. hehe no one can track you then. :-) Text me your home phone number and I will give you a call for a catch up this week. Adios for now XOXOX Michele

  6. Glad your Mum had such an awesome visit! And you got a nap??? What are those like?

  7. I better mark the date on my calandar so I remember to send a card! LOL you crack me up, I go all quiet around my birthday!

  8. OOOo! A party, wish I could come - I'm sure you'll have a blast.

  9. My birthday is Oct 24, but I'm going to be 22 again.

  10. can you get a post office box? do you have those there? It takes a good 2 weeks to get mail from here to there... I wish I could come visit there too! Love the window covering I am convinced the best thing is to get the awkward nudity issues over right away LOL you handled it well!
    Big hugs Laura

  11. Send me your new address. I have the old one, guess that won't work huh?
    Lucky bugger, you got to take a nap...I want one.

  12. The party sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun .... will be with you in spirit ;-)

    So did you give the neighbours a cheery wave and then carry on?? :-)

  13. You are such a laugh. Only you would ask for 50th birthday cards - lol!!! What a lovely morning it will be for you to read all your cards.

    I'm loving all your photos.

    Must go and mark my calendar right now.

  14. Hmmmm. I think I might be able to get a card out to you for your birthday! What fun that would be getting cards from all the people who read your blog!

    I had to laugh about your "incident" with the neighbors on their deck! That sounds like something that would happen to me! I think the curtains look better than their deck anyway!

    Congrats on being able to run up those steps! You are the master of those steps!

  15. LOL reminds me of the time I was in my backyard and could see my neighbor behind me taking a shower! Luckily it was just her head lol. I'm glad her trees are tall now!

  16. Anonymous4:03 AM

    You make me laugh!

  17. Oh my my 50! That's going to be a great party.

    Glad to see you are done unpacking, and have had some opportunity to get out there and explore. Sounds like another busy weekend for you.

  18. Oh, I do wish I could join you for your birthday! I'll be there in spirit, that's for sure! I hope it will be an awesome party - and I hope to see lots of pictures!

  19. ok I consider myself told - 1 birthday card coming your way soon, but how can you possibly be 50, you dont look a day over 40 ;-)


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