Friday, September 19, 2008


NO EXCUSES! Send me a 50th Birthday Card! You have 4 weeks!!!

Chris H
C/- P O Box 4012
Palmerston North 4412
North Island

There, now off ya go and get! (PLEASE) ! *SMILES*

- kids to school
- sell more stuff on Trademe, yaaaa.
- Make bright 'flag' for trailer so we can transport the swing set back safely... the long pole is going to stick out the back a lot so need a warning flag. I bought some bright material yesterday, just need to sew it now.

Not sure what else I will do today, but maybe I will start planning my 'Diet Comeback'.... need to start getting me butt smaller again!
I'm thinking of going back to Weight Watchers next Thursday in Manurewa, it's the closest to here... 7pm meeting I reckon. ANITA, if you are reading this... hope to see you there! And come up and say "HI"!

Now that I have got the house sorted out and am not likely to be exhausted at the end of every day, I'm going to start walking again... and getting on the exercycle at least once a day. STARTING TODAY! ... woo hooo, feel quite excited about it all.

So, I did it... I went for a walk after dropping the kids off at school, and it felt great. I only walked about 3.3 kms, but a lot of it was hilly. Lots of hills in this suburb. This is GOOD. And I'm sure I well get better, faster, and go further too. It will take a bit of time, but it will happen! LOL

Once I got home I sewed the flag for the back of the trailer for tomorrow:

I put buttonholes along the top so we can tie it on easily.

OH and my now redundant vacum cleaner just sold on Trademe for $315 OVER it's reserve price!!! I'm wrapt!

HOW TO USE YOUR STUD FINDER ACCURATELY: get a piece of plywood, nail a length of 4X2 into it and practise! IT WORKED.

ABOVE: this is the picture that I wanted hung in the lounge, it weighs a ton... it used to be a coffee table, but I took off the legs and now it's a wall hanging.. solid copper top... and gorgeous... just look at the detail:

Maps of the 'olde world' and naked nymphs! LOVE IT!

And's safely on the wall.... nailed into a STUD even!


  1. There's no way you are 50!
    Did you mean 30 or 40?

  2. I will send you a card for sure! Glad to hear you are more settled now and fired up about the exercise thing...blahhh

  3. Oh isnt Dave a sweety... hahaha
    We still have over 3 months til chistmas.. I am aiming for losing 4.4 kilos between now and then... I managed to shed 1.7 kilos last week... so another 4.4 and I will be happy... pfttttttttt we'll see...
    So I am with ya on the exercise front.. I need to do more! and eat less...

  4. Woo hoo!!! Chris is on a roll. :) Love Daves comment!!!!! Bet that made you smile :) LOL

  5. Sounds as if your mojo is back!!

    Have a great weekend Chris.

    Don't worry - won't forget the card!

  6. You sound so much happier and like you have so much more energy since you have moved and had a fresh start. I am really glad to see that everything is working out for you. :-)

  7. My god! I go away for a week and have 98 posts to read, damn you. LOL Ok, not quite 98..

    The house looks great but most of all you sound so different. Positive, upbeat, happy, energetic.

    I like it, I like it alot....

    Card on it's way.

  8. That does look beautiful on your wall! You can tell you don't live with small children, though. :]

  9. love the table top!!!!

  10. I'm afraid you have SHIT SHOW of a card from me. I'm hopeless at stuff like that.

    I do, however, wish you an extremely wonderful birthday.

  11. Your house always looks so bright and airy. I can imagine how much you are loving living there.

    I think we now need some photos of outside and around your house please!!

  12. Love the wall hanging it looks great on the lounge room wall too.

  13. 4 weeks hey.... I better brush up on my maori songs so I can call you up and sing for you... I know how much you love my singing voice Chris! heheehehehehe...


  14. Already looking for the perfect card, you know 50 is the new 30!


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