Thursday, September 25, 2008


So, tomorrow school holidays start for two weeks... hopefully the kids will be happy enough to just play around home ... not planning on going anywhere these holidays.

I want to concentrate on getting everything ship shape around here, get the vege garden up and running, hopefully Stew will get the retaining wall done over the weekend... and get the Swing Set up so the kids can play on it! That would be awesome. I think they are going to love it.

- kids to school
- work on the vege garden.... maybe even get some plants if I finish the preparation today!
- Do some 'usual' housework.... you know... washing, vacuming and all that jazz.

Will take a photo of the garden soon.....well it will be a lot of dirt really! *smiles*

OH! And I had planned on going to Weight Watchers tonight, but just can't face the scales yet.... I am useless. Not in the groove. Hate myself. FAT. .... but not lazy OK? !!! (I said that cos so many people seem to think if you are fat you are also lazy)

BUGGER... DAMN AND BLAST! It's bloody well raining... and I wanna do the vege garden.. . ...well stuff it, I still will! So what if I get wet? Tis only friggin WATER afterall. *HUMPH*

ABOVE: two weeks ago...

ABOVE: one week ago, with all the stones and plants still in it...

ABOVE: today! Steve DID remove two of the plants for me, but I did the rest. I'm really pleased with how much I got done before I ran outta energy! The dirt on the right is totally waterlogged and in places solid clay... very hard work. Stew is going to have to put masses of compost in it to break it up before I can even think about putting veges in there!

According to my scales I have GAINED 3 kilos...SEE? I. AM. A. PIG. There is nothing else to say. Maybe I will go tonight at 7pm and just bite the bullet.... gotta start somewhere I suppose. DAMN.

Alright... I'm going ... 7 friggin pm OK??? I hope the scales malfunction... cos it ain't gunna be pretty. I might even slip into a deep depression yet....

End of Day: feeling a bit down... but the only way from here is ... DOWN! LOL.... needed to do that weigh in and not put it off anymore eh? Onward.

NSV: I stepped on WW scales and didn't immediatly step out in front of a train in disgust at myself. It was bad... but I know what I have to do, and now I am here and settled, I SHALL DO IT. nite nite.


  1. i would NEVER call you lazy...

  2. Hey once you do jump on those scales you will feel empowered, come on you can do this..... Hell I have resorted back to tracking, why cause I know it bloody works. Don't let another week go by.

  3. No... not lazy. You just have to get into the right groove before you recommit to weight loss.

    About Matarangi, we have gone up both ways and come home both ways, not sure which way is best. It is about 20 mins faster the Coromandel way but the road is much narrow is places. We have been thinking that we would go up via Whitianga and home the other way - that way we are always on the inside of the road on the coast side.

  4. Oh, Chris, no! You should go to WW anyway. You are NOT lazy. I like you, and you should tell anyone who thinks fat people are lazy to

    Ok. that's all I had to say on that. I have you beat on the scales though as I weigh several hundred stone more than you I'm sure. :]

    OK I never really figured how much a "stone" weighs. They're all so different you know.

  5. Mind you, there are heaps of things that you can do with the kids, during the holidays, in Auckland. Some of them are even free !! :-)

    It's hard getting back into the wiightloss thing, but all the exercise you've been doing lately, should have got some weight off, or at least kept it the same, despite the fish'nchips and stuff :-)

    And I haven't forgotten about the card!!

  6. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Hi de hi camper.. checked the mail box yesterday.. it would seem its a bit of a slow start :-) nothing to report. Nice to hear Steve is getting back on track! Tell him Laura is wanting to join the Police too - she is keen as even though she is still at school. Seems to be a career quite a few kids are contemplating. People keep telling her to "wait unti she is older" but what the hell for. Yes she will be young, but that kid is way more mature and self confident and has a better work ethic than a lot of "adults" I know! I'm not going to tell her she can't - they will take her if/when they think she is ready. Sorry I missed you last week. Text me your home number so I can phone you.
    Love Me

  7. OMG! You could never be referred to as lazy! I hate that too though...people just assume too much!! I think you might get a pleasant surprise when you finally get on those scales...I bet you have at least stayed the same with all the running around you have been doing:)

  8. I agree it is only water. I have done gardening in the rain before, it can make it easier to pull the weeds out!
    enjoy the school holiday!

  9. You! Lazy? My God, if I could do 10% of what you do in a day I'd be happy... xxx

  10. I dare you to go to WW tonight - there's no better way to get motivated than to jump on those scales. Nothing like a bit of accountability in front of a stranger!

    And lazy? You? NEVER!!!

  11. Good work on the garden.. Looking forward to seeing it sprout lots of yummy vegies for you...

    Good luck if you do decide to bite the bullet...I'm too scared!! But I will have to do something soon....none of my clothes fit!

  12. Get some mushroom compost for the clay (says gardener Anne!). It does work and break it down.

  13. It's muscle weight, from all that weed pulling and box lifting you've been doing!! (looking on the positive side for you)

  14. Wow I am impressed with the gardening efforts wish my gardens look like that but I am allergic to dirt lol I didnot inherit myfmailies green fingers thats for sure, although I am trying to grow strawberries and tomatoes so heres hoping....

  15. Hey You!!! Your house looks fantastic!!! I'm so happy you have settled down and everything is running smoothly!
    I'd love to come over for your birthday BUT I am having my 30th the night before!!!!! (Naughty back to school party!!!)
    I will send you a card if I receive one from you!!! *giggle*

    Joining WW again tonight?? Go you!! New place, new start!! 3 kilos my arse!!!!!!!

    ((big squishy cuddles)) *lol*

    Mellisa xx

  16. You certainly are not lazy, and your photos prove it! Its sad that people make assumptions.
    Hope the school hols are fun!

  17. The worse thing is facing up to the scales, then it's all forward from there!!! Go Chris!!!!!

    What's that saying I have on by blog... something along the lines of - Success consists of getting up just one more time than you fall.

    Know how you feel though - but main thing nip it in the bud before you undo the hard work you've done!

  18. Up a wee bit aye... well time to be accountable... lets get into it girl..I was up 1 kilo tonight..pffftttt Just cant get my mojo back...

  19. Well done on being brave enough to going back to ww....goodonya!!

    Onwards and downwards from here....go girl!

  20. Everything is looking so nice at your new home, I know what you hard to step on that scale! You could never ever be referred to as lazy! Have a nice holiday.

  21. Its great that you went and weighed in, no better motivator than facing the music. Good luck having the kids home for the next couple of weeks. By the way you are not lazy by any means. Good luck, you can do this!


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