Thursday, September 18, 2008


WOO HOOO, there's nothing like makin' money... I'm selling stuff on Trademe... all the furniture etc that is surplus to requirements. Several things go today, tomorrow and the next far they have made us over $800!
That's great, it will cover the cost of fencing material we need for the back yard. Will show you what needs doing out there once we get the wood to build the fence.


- Get up at 5am and zip out to the airport to see my dear friend Chris D and her hubby... they are getting back from England and arriving in Auckland before catching a connecting flight to Palmerston North. I hope to spend a good hour or so with them.

- kids to school

- watch Tradme auctions.. it is usually so much fun to see the prices go up and up!

- do a bit of housework I suppose!

That's about it for now.....

I just spent an hour with my friends out at the was NEAT to catch up with them... they had been in England for a month.

TRADEME is the same as ebay, except it is New Zealand based.

It is nearly time to take the kids to school so I better be off for now.... we are in for showers today, so hopefully we can dodge the rain on our way to school....


ABOVE: Brylee's room, I just hung that picture... and I even found a bloody stud!

ABOVE: The spare bedroom with it's 'other' picture... one I made for our last dining room, but it seems to fit here well.

ABOVE: Our room... and do you think I can find our white valance???? NOPE, nowhere ! It's the ONE thing we seem to have 'lost' in the move...

ABOVE: our room with it's little patio... not that we are ever likely to sit out on it! But it's pretty with some pots/plants out there.

SANDRA...awww nice to know I'm missed, even if I've only been gone TWO WEEKS!!! ha ha ha!

KAREN DEBORAH: me get a job??? Are you NUTS??? I like being a 'kept woman'.... well for now anyway! Maybe I will get a part time job eventually... but not just yet! I'm enjoying me freedom.

WOOOO HOOOO... I listed my freezer at a reserve of $100 and it sold for... $563 ! How awesome is that? Now I just have 7 other things to go over the next few days....

End of Day: had a busy evening sewing names on kids uniforms... another good job done.

NSV: I am making plans. nite nite.


  1. Wow you're busy! Hope you get a lot of money from your sales.

  2. Is that site like ebay?

  3. ive never heard of trademe. Is that a worldwide site? i'll have to look it up.

  4. Got to love Trade Me - have a great day :-)

  5. Awesome!! its great to make money!!!
    Have a great day:)

  6. Hope Chris and D had a great trip. Can you text me her ph number? We are going to have a coffee meet up.

  7. I love Ebay, Great way to make money! by the way love your house.

  8. hey there its me have ya missed me.
    whats this party you having why on a sunday why not saturday then us palmerstonians cane come.
    so whats your trademe name eh i think im gona look up what you selling lol
    miss you heaps when you coming for a visit

  9. rock on, for a minute I thought you got a job!!

  10. hey you still havent told me your trademe name

  11. lookin' good!

    and kudos on the $$ made!

  12. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Everything is coming together so nicely! Your home is beautiful. You seem to have really good natural light coming through.

  13. Looking great Chris!!!

  14. Oh good so i'm not the only one obsessed by watching auctions end - and so far i've only bought, could you imagine how bad I will become when I start selling ... lol

    Look on the bright side - if you don't make money on TradeMe you can always try your hand at interior design - you do a fabulous job at home decorating - the pictures are just lovely.

  15. When the rest of the world is losing their's you're making money hand over foot!

    When I put the "egg-less" disclaimer on my last post I was thinking of the likes of you. You're such an egg-o-maniac!

  16. i so love the house and how its coming there any chance I could get you here to help me get mine organized??? very very cool on the trade me things !!!!

  17. Your home is looking awesome Chris, you are doing amazingly well to get all that done so quickly!

    Love trademe, and love it when things sell way above reserve! Gotta pay for all that shopping somehow eh! hehe

  18. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog...found you via cranky. I love the "Dream" picture by the way!

  19. I see the Dyson is doing very well on trade me! I thought it would. Good luck with all your sales.

  20. Well looks like dads picture on the wall is crocked (not like you mother)

    wha size was ur vallacne!!!!

    Daughter #3

  21. You've had a very busy day. The house looks very homey and comfy. Good luck get rid of all you extra stuff.

  22. Being a kept woman is fun, isn't it? Great luck on the freezer!

  23. it is amazing once you start to de-clutter exactly how much you can make on the re-sale market.

    We sold 6 pictures to a collector for 2750.00 paid for them originally around 200.(20+ years ago.)

    We went to the Flea-Market over at Hfx. Forum and sold over 400.00 worth of collectables and other junk.

    Still have several boxes of stuff to sell yet. We have a site here similar where you can put items up and people will call if interested "Kijiji".


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