Saturday, September 20, 2008


WE will be up and at 'em early today... picking up a hire trailer and going over to the North Shore to pick up the swing set first thing this morning....

Then we have a bloke coming around mid morning to pick up the Vacum Cleaner he won on Trademe....

THEN even later on we have a bloke coming to pick up the Freezer he won on Trademe too.... oooo the money is rolling in!

Later on tonight another item I have listed on Trademe finishes... and I am thrilled to say it has already gone WAY over it's reserve too.

What else is on today?

Gardening! Mowing the lawns.... you know... USUAL weekend stuff. I did all the washing last night and hung it out, so that's one less thing to do today. YIPEE....

I probably won't go for a walk today... but I do believe I will still get lots of exercise.... gardening is hard work!

ANONYMOUS from yesterday.... in answer to your question: Brylee and Griffin have settled in amazingly well, which I believe is due to my preparing them well by:

- talking to them often about the new school
- taking them to visit the new school and play in the grounds
- making sure they understood 100% that they would be able to make new friends
- Making sure they were in their new school uniform the day they started so they fitted in immediately
It also helps that they are well adjusted kids, who are really good at socializing with new people.
I hope you have no problems with your wee boy when you move. Start preparing him NOW.

- Swing set... DONE
- Pavers, fencing materials, concrete for swing set... DONE
- Lunch... about to
- buy wheelbarrow.... after lunch!

So far the morning has gone like clockwork... and we managed to pick up all the big fencing materials with the hire trailer as well, so won't need to hire one again next weekend. Yaaa. Griffin is STARVING... better feed him I suppose.

Some outside photos:

ABOVE: Part of the front garden, with me bits 'n' pieces in it.

ABOVE: Teddy's part of the section, with his own lawn for his 'business'.... and the morning patio....

ABOVE: Stew doing the lawn mowing for the first time.... on the back yard where the swing set will go... and see those roses? They are GOING... I don't like thorns!

ABOVE: a view of the back of the house...

ABOVE: the area running along the back of the house, the retaining wall... and the fencing materials to add to the top of the retaining wall to stop the kids falling on the concrete from the top part of the section. Better safe than sorry... it's always been my motto.

NOLA: Teddy does still have his collar on, it's clear plastic so hard to see. I took it off this morning, but he went right back to chewing his leg.. so it went back on. His leg is looking way better though, so hopefully once it's 100% healed I can get the collar off again.

End of Day: a really neat day, got lots done, bought lots (love that bit)...

NSV: none, we had fish 'n' chips for dinner... naughty! nite nite.


  1. I'm really glad Brylee and Griffin are doing so great. GL with the swingset today!

  2. Hope all goes well with the swing set pickup today. The kids should really enjoy it!!

    Congratulations on getting back into the walking. I'm back on that path as well...

  3. Wow Chris you have achieved so much in such a short time. :) Seeing Stu with the lawnmower reminds me what awaits when we get home LOL

  4. Doesn't look like Teddy has his plastic bucket on anymore in that photo? How's his leg? Good to have his own lawn space.....I spend a good part of every 2nd day doing a "poo run" for my two brats!

  5. yep its official you will definitely have achieved more in 20 days of being in your new home than what ive achieved in 20 months of being in mine ... lol ... i don't know how you do it!

  6. I love the outlook from your front window. Your stuff fits in well.

    What's the name of the plants out the front? They look really healthy.

    I agree with Tania. How do you do it?

    I need to get Steve outside with the lawnmover. It's a jungle with all the rain we've had.

  7. Looks like you are getting settled in nicely in your new digs and doing it quickly! Glad the kids are doing well.
    I just mowed my lawn...I don't do it often..the man usually does but the garden area needs lots of work. ugghh.


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