Sunday, September 14, 2008



Sleep in! Then we are going over to the North Shore to check out the swing set we bought... we will probably bring it home next weekend once we have sussed out how to get it back to our house.... it has one really long pole that is not going to fit in our van! May have to hire a long trailer...

After that we are going to explore the Albany Mall.... never been there before.... FUN! Another shopping centre... oooo this place has lots!

After yesterday's efforts we are probably not going to do much around the house today... we are simply too tired and sore! I haven't felt this exhausted in ... well.... years! Everything aches! Even the soles of me feet ache. I'm DONE in.

The only good thing is my weight has stayed stable through this whole move... and that is amazing considering how awful I've been eating.... time to pull finger now and get back on track....

When we get back from our outing this morning I will post a couple of photos of the garage transformation! I am thrilled with it.... everything fits in so well. later....

We have had a wonderful day so far! Went over the harbour Bridge to the North Shore to suss out the swing set... are going to pick it up next weekend.

ABOVE: two photos of the Auckland City Sky scene, with the Sky Tower standing impressive to the right. These were taken as we travelled over the bridge.

ABOVE: Stew's sister's Art Gallery/Shop at Kumeu, which is near the west coast of Auckland.... She was getting ready for an Artist's Show Opening this afternoon.

POOR Teddy had knots... so I kinda gave him a 'haircut'... ooops I see I missed a bit! I don't think I did too bad a job actually, and saved myself a few bucks too!

Me Mum is due back this afternoon, and I will be taking her to the Airport tomorrow morning at some un-godly hour of the morning to catch her flight back to Australia. later...

End of Day: another awesome day... I'm getting used to them! Mum is here and she's exhausted from travelling around all week.... she will be glad to get home.

NSV: I made a delicious bacon and egg quiche for dinner with coleslaw on the side... so healthy I did wonder if I was in the right house! lol. nite nite.


  1. Enjoy your outing!!! :-)

    have you been to Sylvia Park yet, or whatever that new shopping center is called ?

    Last time I was in Auckland, about 15 years ago, I went to rather a large one. Can't remember which one it was, but it had a big parking garage connected to it, which we spent sometime wandering around as we couldn't remember on which level we'd left the car....

  2. Moving is SO will be worth it once you are all settled in!

    Hope you get a lot of rest!

  3. They always pain no gain...
    HOpe the weather has been kind to you over there... tis crappy here...

  4. Way to go on all your hard work an get it done fast compared to me.
    Thx for sharing all the to see where everyone is from.

  5. Awwwwwww isn't Teddy just gorgeous - you did a great job with his haircut - we pay $75 to have our two groomed every 8 weeks and I know we get a discounted rate, wish I was as game as you were.

    Spectacular view - looking forward to seeing the photos of the decluttered garage - any chance you might slow down soon :-)

  6. Ya did wuite a good job on Teddy's he impressed or what?

  7. Love hearing you sound so positive again about life :-) and love the pic of the dog....I also do our dog but she is black so you don't notice how bad she looks when I have done her. LOL


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