Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So, today I am aiming for NORMAL.... most of the big jobs are done around our new house, everything is in it's place, there's only a couple of boxes of books to unpack now....

I want to have a restful day! Hmmmm, wonder if that is possible?

I need to go into Manurewa to pick up the big carpet square that I wanted edged and re-register my van... that's about 'it' for today.

I am loving this new house... I still keep smiling as I walk around it... and especially when I'm vacuming! It's so much easier to do.... and takes half the time. BLISS. And let's not forget its in a lovely part of Auckland, I have park views! I can hear a donkey bray during the day and a morepork hoot in the park at night (moreporks are an owl).. their hoot sounds just like someone saying "morepork"! It's so neat.

Right I'm off to start me day....

For once I am doing exactly what I said I would! I'm relaxing, doing just a wee bit of housework... and entertaining visitors! My Aunty and her wee grandson came for morning tea...

She had a fruit drink, he had a bottle... and went to sleep! How gorgeous is he?

Once they left I popped out and did a couple of errands, and now I'm just chillin out at home. It is so quiet here, and the day couldn't be more lovely... sunshine with a light breeze. GORGEOUS.

Dinner has been cooking in the Crock Pot all day... roast beef... and I have learnt a lesson from last night... don't give Griffin brussell sprouts... they make him THOW UP! Maybe I will eat them all myself tonight! lol.


  1. Glad you are still enjoying the new house! Sounds funny about the morepork:) Hope your day turned out to be as normal as you planned!

  2. You deserve to like your new house after all the waiting and looking.

    Somehow having your own home is grounding and I love the feeling of planning a garden that's to be mine for a very long time.

    Enjoy your views ... I'm looking straight onto the beach at Simpsons & surfs up.


  3. Yay! So happy you are loving your new place and no regrets!! Have a nice restful, peaceful day... xxx

  4. Isn't it great when you are in the city but can still see the country. Have a great day the sun is trying to peep out here hope it does :-)

  5. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Hi Chick
    Great news about enjoying the house. We have the same weather here...hehe see what happens when you "leave"..the good weather comes back. Now as far as the card addy, you can add the postal code 4412 to it "to make sure" they all get to the right place and not sent back. I got your text, but only today - the phone has dried out after me dropping it somewhere unmentionable - as I was cleaning it thankfully. You know I shove it in my bra, well them boobs mustve shrunk and it fell out - doh!!! So new bra and jeans coming up cos them 16's are getting a bit painful - I have to keep pulling them up!! Oh moan moan, but I love this shrinking business!! Take care, talk to you soon :-) Michele
    PS. I will do something about getting round to a new blog/name/login thingamy sometime, but for now just call me lurker :-)

  6. What a DARLING BABY! Tea? I love tea. How long have you been there? Has it even been a week?

  7. wow!!!! you have settled in so well. I am happy you are happy :) Yep you lucky tart re being warmer in Auckland. I am so not looking forward to getting home to cooler temps. It's just right over here for me at the moment LOL

  8. Just read "the lurker's" comment - yep agree the weather here is lovely.

    Knowe how you feel about the house, I feel like that in our beach house - love it!!

  9. I can't figure why God invented brussell sprouts. 99.9 % of the world throw up when they eat them.

  10. I am so happy that you are happy. Moving to a new home is such a wonderful thing! I am also glad that you had a nice relaxing day - you deserve it!

  11. WOW i'm impressed! I didn't know you knew how to relax :-) There should be more of it! Don't you just love that feeling of being in a new house?


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