Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It's Wednesday, our new RUBBISH DAY... must not forget! In Palmy it was on a Thursday... don't suppose it will take long to remember.

And the best thing? STEW gets to take it out now! Thank God. wooo hoo, no more lugging rubbish bags down to the driveway for me.

And now, as promised yesterday (awwww come on, ya KNOW you are dying to see them!)... me linen cupboards all nice and tidy:

ABOVE: the double door cupboard, with enough room for the pram, highchair and porta-cot too! AWESOME.

ABOVE: the single door cupboard... with the central vac hose in the bottom too, and heaps of room for more linen if I feel the URGE to buy more! ( not likely to happen eh?) ha ha ha!

OH, and talking of Central Vac, here's Brylee doing some vacuming yesterday afternoon... you are never too young to learn eh? And she loved doing it (wont' last).... I now have two vacum cleaners to sell... don't need them!

Todays's plans...
- kids to school
- take a load of stuff to the Hospice Shop
- continue working on the garage

That's all..... for now.

SHOOT ME... I decided to take a break from unpacking... and went to Manukau City Mall... and bought a wee water feature for the lounge with Stew's Father's Day Gift Voucher (thanks Amanda and Andrew!)... and a couple of cute blue candles too.

How cute is that ? The little lights change colour every couple of seconds. And the candles smell lovely!

I have been having trouble with me camera lately too, so I just spent a good hour reading the instruction book... think I've got it all sorted now.. I can even take photos in black and white, I didn't know that! DERRRRRR.

There are some evil looking storm clouds gathering outside right now... looks like thunder and lightening might happen too... NEAT! LOVE LOVE LOVE storms.

Shame I have to pick up the kids soon... might get wet.

Pfffffft... the 'storm' lasted about 30 mintues... thunder/lightening/heavy rain... and now it's gloriously fine again. Suppose this is good, won't get wet walking to school and back will I?

End of Day: well any plans I had for tonight got shelved, me body is just aching all over... think I've overdone it BIG TIME! I can hardly lift me arms at all. They HURT!

NSV: well I didn't cook dinner, we got FISH AND CHIPS.. was bloody nice too. nite nite.


  1. What sort of vacuums are you selling? I could be interested!!

  2. wow I get busy working and your whole world changes, your house looks fantabolous!
    I love that creamy off white shag rug. I never did get a rug.

  3. central vac.... ahhhh, the life!

    and your organized!

  4. God, I would kill for all that linen storage. The house looks really lovely Chris.

  5. Anonymous10:09 AM

    I'm LOVING all the pics of the new house! You seem so happy there - CONGRATS CHRIS!!!!


  6. very cool! my pantrys need cleaning BADLY!
    hugs Laura

  7. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Love catching up with your blog and seeing your beautiful home. You are amazingly happy Chris I am really happy for you all. Griffin, hope the tooth fairy came.. I think inflation has put teeth up to $5.00 each now.
    Thank you for leaving the mags and videos Chris. Well, I've been home again for 4 nights and now off to Napier. I've been away for 4 out of 6 months. Still this time it's for love so fingers crossed all goes well on Friday.

  8. Rubbish day? I assume that means garbage day. I get a kick out of the lingo down under.

  9. Your new house looks just wonderful - you sound so very happy - good on you. Love the central vacuuming system and the large linen cupboard.

  10. That water feature is rather the candles as well.

    I remember those Auckland 'storms'. Blink twice and you risk missing them. having said that, I've also lived through some pretty good Auckland storms. :-)

    I used to enjoy the summer showers as well. Only trouble is, the mugginess afterards...

  11. Chris - you crack me up!!!! Here you are decluttering, taking things to the Hospice shop, then go shopping!!

  12. Love the pics of the house. Lovely kitchen.

    We've had thunder and lightning today too. In fact four seasons in one day. The sun's shining now.

  13. 300 a day! Wow girl, you out blog me.

    I don't have to list the followers myself. They do that and it's listed automatically after they do it.

    It's my bed time here.

    Have a great day girl.

  14. Well I also enjoy storms. Ginny is terrified and hides things. I love to stand out in them watch the excitement. I got that from my Mother.

    My Mom, would go down to the Beach and walk out in the water with a beer in one hand . Shake her fist up at God and dare him to hit her with lightening and stand there until the storm let up or the beer went down.

  15. Your new home looks just great!

  16. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Hi Chris

    Your new home looks beautiful. I love the modern kitchen. I wish you many happy days/memories there.

    Take care

  17. Love the lil water feature...
    Hope you arent totally overdoing it girl!!!
    Take care... and ffs be good..

  18. have i mentioned that you compltely AMAZE me with how much work you are putting in getting that house ready as quickly as possible?

    truly outstanding! you are supermom!

  19. NO WAY!! LOL you really *did* take a picture of the linen closet! I'm cracking up here!


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