Saturday, September 06, 2008


Weird Title today eh?

Why? cos where we live now it very near to the biggest park in New Zealand... and the Botanic Gardens... it is a beautiful suburb! And from my lounge windows I can see the parkland... and there is a donkey on the hill that brays out "HEE HAWWW, heeee hawww" every now and then.. it is so cute!

This is from one of the lounge windows, the donkey and a few horses are in the paddock above that chimney.....
And as for the planes... well we are fairly near to the Auckland International Airport.... so we get to see lots of really big planes either leaving or arriving... but we are far enough away to not have the noise as well.

I am loving it here! It is soooo close to wonderful SHOPPING, yet we are in a lovely quiet area with lovely views.

Today I am going to continue sorting out 'stuff'.... and try to get into that garage and start finding stuff that I need! Like, I can't find the chopping boards, or my valance off my bed... hell there's heaps I can't find!

I am hoping we can place the potted plants around the yard too... lots to do!
We also need to go and buy some stick on thingee's for the big glass doors... my Aunt walked into one yesterday and so did I! You can't tell they are closed cos there's nothing but a big plate glass door and it looks like they are open! I was kinda lucky cos me boobs hit the glass and I bounced off! My Aunt hit her head. Oh well, shit happens! ONWARD.....

ABOVE AND BELOW: Our house from the front, with all our metal bits, letterbox and pots. Looks so neat!
ABOVE: The Front Door Entrance.... Didn't take long to find just the right things to put here.
Right, back to it.....
Mum and I went to an old freind's 80th Birthday this afternoon... spent about 3 hours there and then back home for dinner.
End of Day: I'm knackered (AGAIN)... but we are getting there! I'm thrilled to bits with how the outside is looking. Just have to get into the garage now!
NSV: been very good with food intake today... I am sure I'm burning it all off as I go! nite nite.


  1. OH, no pics of Teddy???

    I'm so glad you're loving your new home.

  2. Oh Chris... your house is looking beautiful.... You must be so happy!
    Hmm close to the international airport aye!! Thats good to know...

  3. what a BEAUTIFUL home! looking forward to more photos! congrats!

  4. Glad you are finally almost settled!!! Looking at some of the pics, it looks as though you have been there forever!!!

    Hw is Teddy coping with his new home?

  5. Glad you are getting settled in your new looks awesome.

  6. your new home looks lovely!!!! so exciting to be unpacking & making the place feel like "home"!

  7. I love your new pictures and I'm sure you can't wait for it all to be finished.

    Hope you have a productive day unpacking...

  8. Anonymous12:28 PM

    I am LOVIN the new house pics! It's so great to hear how happy you are...

    cranky (can't be bothered signing in)

  9. oh have mercy I nearly died laughing at your boobs saving you...I know my dear hubby thinks this just confirms my lack of mental state... I would be like your aunt I would hit it head on am my boobies would hang there and laugh.... sheesh... I am so glad you are getting all set up it looks LOVELY!

  10. Cute cute!! Hopefully that donkey doesn't start making noise in the middle of the night or early mornings!

  11. I love the front entryway with the wooden steps.

    Looks like you are settling in.

  12. Hi Chris - It's been a while since I've caught up with your blog. I can't believe you've finally arrived in your new house/city/life! I hope all is going well for you. My new house/city/life has been going for nearly a year but I still feel those pangs of excitement when I think back to the actual moving time.

    Good luck with everything.

  13. The house is beautiful Chris! Congratulations!

  14. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Your new house looks awesome! I hope you are all very happy there!

    Laurie in TX


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