Wednesday, September 03, 2008


- Kids to school
- Stew to work
- Me to house to meet mover guys

I have woken up aching all over! I'm exhausted and the day hasn't even started yet!

But I'm up for it! The sooner we have everything in the house the sooner I can slowly plod my way through it all and get it all sorted out...

We are going to be selling a few pieces of furniture, and I have two big boxes of surplus kitchen ware etc to take to the local Hospice Shop already!

I am quite excited about today too... I think they are bringing both containers today if they can do it in time.... somehow I think they are pushing it a bit, but time will tell. I hope my feet stand up to another day's hard slog!

The spin off of being so busy is you simply don't think of food! I didn't even feel hungry yesterday till late afternoon! EXCELLENT!
Right, enough blabbering... I better get going.....

Today has been AWESOME!!!! I walked the kids to school... there's a very steep hill on the way back, NEARLY KILLED ME! lol
Then the 2nd container arrived and we spent most of today unloading it and finding places for some of the stuff, the rest had to go in the garage and under the house in the 'wine cellar' room.... oh my god are we going to have to get rid of lots of stuff !!!

We had our first dinner in our new home tonight... fish and chips ... it was soooo bloody nice! I kept looking around thinking I was in someone else's house... it still does not feel real to be here!

My mum arrives at 20 past midnight tonight too.... I am picking her up... I finally found some bedding for her bed late this afternoon! There is still so much to find!

WE have this amazing new TV,... but can't find the remotes to get it going yet... hell I hope we find them soon! Coronation Street is on TOMORROW! HA HA HA.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE our new home!!!! I get a thrill just being in it! I know, I'm a sad tart!

End of Day: another fantastic day. Tomorrow should be too, they are bringing the last container, then I can slowly plow my way through all the unopened boxes etc and get it all sorted.

NSV: I am sooo tired I am forgetting to eat, I'm getting masses of exercise... and I feel great! WOOOOO HOOO! nite nite from my new home.


  1. Hopefully tonight you will be in your new place.... Have an awesome day :-)

  2. there you go! i think you've devoloped a new diet. I just have to move once a week, and i'll never think of food again!

  3. yippy!
    happy hard work.

  4. Yes it's bloody hard work this moving lark - I've done it enough times in my life so I fully sympathise. Just remember you had major surgery a few weeks back!!!! and take care Love Z xx

  5. Glad all is going well for the move in chris sorry about the sore muscles enjoy your mums visit im sure she will be a great help

  6. It won't be long until you get it all sorted and be able to settle in your new home:-)

  7. Anonymous10:57 AM

    I am so excited for you! Woo Hoo!

  8. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Would love to see photos of the new place after you are settled??

  9. I think unpacking is even worst than packing. Then you have to figure out where you put the stuff.

  10. Oh how exciting. I am so totally happy for you to finally be in your new home. Could you email me the address sometime... in case I get the urge to pop by!

  11. well sounds like yo hade a full on day , good luck finding places for everything. say i big hi to Grandmar for me, looking forward to seeing every1 on sunday?

    Daughter #3

  12. Have fun settling in your new place. Enjoy the visit with your mom. Can't wait to see the new home.


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