Thursday, September 11, 2008



So where the hell do I start???? I wouldn't mind finding the lopers .. I want to trim a tree down the side of the house... I KNOW they are in here somewhere.


- woo hoo... kids to school as per usual

- Fill up containers of WATER, cos we will be having NO WATER from 9am till 6pm today due to maintenance of street water pipes.

- Continue sorting stuff in the garage... and fart arsing around in me house. It's so much fun.

That's it for now... back later (you just KNOW I will be)...

Fairly quiet morning... did some housework, took carpet square into Manurewa to be edged.. checked out the bigger shops in the Supa Centre.. they are HUGE.. I got lost in Harvey Norman's! And... I bought NOTHING!!! Dunno what happened there!


So, I've done diddly squat today! I decided to give it a break today.. I'm so tired and sore. So... I'm boring today... no photos to show.... sad.

Am now off to find something for dinner.... better not be lazy I suppose.

I decided to pull finger and do some work...

ABOVE: LOOK!!!! A gap, some floor showing even!

The gorgeous view of the side of the house.. full of boxes waiting to be taken away...

And ABOVE... up there in the roof of the garage is a pull-down ladder which enables you to go up and put stuff in the attic space! TOTALLY COOL.
And ABOVE: this is the storage room UNDER the house.... it is totally dry and where we will keep surplus furniture and all the garden equipment.... The previous owners called it "The Wine Cellar", I'm calling it "The Dungeon"....

NOW I really better get on with dinner.... derrrrr.
End of Day: WHOOPS! I nearly forgot to do this bit.... so today has been rather slow... I even had a nana nap midday! Still very tired.
NSV: none today, I was a pig. FULL STOP, END OF STORY. nite nite.


  1. well...the rest of your house looks sorted & organized.... At least you only have the garage left to contend with!

  2. Your linen cupboard is a thing of beauty! You have a real gift or organising and decorating. Our joint currently looks like a toy shop has exploded in it! xxx

  3. Good luck finding those lopers girl!! Looks like it could be a challenge :)

  4. wow I thought mine was bad, but we refuse to let junk over take it so our cars have to sit out, but you should see the crap piled around the cars lol

  5. Now I'm going to have that song in my head.

    all i want all i really really want..

  6. Well looks like you going to have fun sorting, sorting, sorting.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    have lots of fun mother

    Daughter #3

  7. Got to love those pulldown stairs they are awesome. Things are looking pretty good in the house now.

  8. Good on you for doing some sorting when you didn't feel like it. Looks like things are starting to fall into place.

  9. You're making great headway into setting up the new home. It all sounds so very exhausting. Hope you've find renewed strength for tomorrows work.

  10. ok, now i feel better! THATS the kind of clutter i expect to see around a house when you just freaking move in!

  11. That's one of the problems with unpacking. You have to move boxes out of the way to unpack. I rather pack than unpack.


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