Sunday, December 02, 2007


Quiet looking forward to today, even though we still have to do Open Homes, it is comforting to know we do have a contract on the house. It would be FANTASTIC if someone turned up today with CASH and made an offer, but really I want that lovely wee family to have my house!

The kids are both starting to feel much better I reckon, last night they drove me nuts with their noise ... lucky for us Steve and Lisa are having them this afternoon while Stew and I go to his "farewell party"... MUST remember to take my camera and take lots of photos.

Righty ho, I suppose I better get outta bed and get this house sorted, kids fed, bla bla bla! later...

3 Toilets, 3 showers, 2 baths, 6 bedrooms, a rumpus room, a kitchen, dining room and lounge - all done. Dog off to friends for the afternoon, kids off with Uncle Steve, us off to PARTY.... and relax! BRING IT ON.... I am exhausted. It's a stinking hot day too, so the party is at a beach... hmmmm might end up in the water even..... wet t-shirt photos???? *snigger*

Above: when we arrived .. the first thing we were offered was a JAFFA Lollie.. afterall, we are going to become JAFA's soon! What is a Jafa? Just Another Fucken Aucklander OF COURSE!!!! lol
The gorgeous setting, view from the deck....
Santa and his Fairy getting dressed.. or were they???? HMMMMMM...
Santa getting ready to dispense the gifts....
Santa, Fairy and Robyn....
Karen... spent hours and hours making a "going away" gift for Stew....
She had sewn a chookie, with a colourful tie (Stew is renowned for wearing LOUD ties !), and American Flag feet... like the shoes we bought in Sydney last May!!! Also, she had taken lots and lots of photos of the chook around Palmerston North and around our home and had them made into a calendar.... an awesome momento of our time here in Palmerston North!
The water was.... freezing... so NO wet t- shirt shots... SUCH A SHAME... I'm sure!
End of Day: ate too much, drank too much, had a bloody fantastic day.....
No idea how the Open Home went, havn't heard from the Agent yet.
NSV: I learnt that if I go back for seconds of the cheesecake I WILL FEEL ILL !!! ha ha ah hahahahhaha! nite nite mates.


  1. So you can still sell the house to someone else? Is that part of the contract, a clause you have in? I hope it all goes well with no hiccups in the process. Auckland here you come!

  2. Good luck with the open house!

  3. I hope the farewell party was full of wonderful memories!

    I know I will look forward to seeing some pictures.

    Off I go to see football game.
    Thank God it is the weekend!

  4. Wet t-shirt - with those hooters of yours!! hehe - you'd win hands down babe! Hope you're having a great time.

  5. Ha ha at wet tshirt pics.... Nothing would surprise me from you!!!!

  6. Anonymous1:44 PM

    hope u have a great time at the beach

  7. We went through the same thing (having to go through with an open when we had a contract on our house), but it makes sense, just in case things don't pan out - which of course WON'T happen!

    Hope you had a great time at the party and enjoyed the beach!!!

  8. BIG luck with the open house.

    It's hot there? We got snow. And it's SO pretty!!

  9. Great photos as always, Chris!

    I'm so glad that you all had a great time. It looked and sounded, like great fun :-)

    I love the cute chookie too! So sweet....

    I hope the rest of the week will be a great one for you :-D


    Lins x


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