Tuesday, December 18, 2007


After 16 hours without the internet... Telecom 'found' it for me again... so it's a late start on the day.

Meet Linda and Brandon and their three adorable kids: (from left) Braydon, Lila and Ellie. This gorgeous lady has sent me the Jordin Sparks CD that I so wanted and could not get here in New Zealand, all the way from America!!!! She is so very kind... and the BEST Mom in the whole wide world... she actually LOVES her kids..... hey, they are NOT TEENAGERS yet eh?

Laughing now..... and Brandon and her have had to fight really long and hard to get their precious girls... all the way from China. I have been reading Linda's blog for quite some time now, and felt like I was 'with' her when she finally met her darling wee daughter Ellie a wee while ago and got to take her home. It was special following their story. Thank you LINDA, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

Today: kids to school, then I am going to tackle the presents and get wrapping! OOOO what fun.... really!

But before that..... I have a few more jobs (shopping) to do in town.... later....

I have done almost all my Christmas shopping!

I have wrapped all the presents, WITHOUT having a major hissy fit.

I have caught up on all my favourite blogs.

I am feeling bloody tired now!

AND........ I put up the bloody Christmas Tree last night.... after vowing I WOULD NOT!!! Hell, seems I have caught the darn Christmas bug. Bugger it. lol

End of Day: very productive, and resolved a few more issues with Me and Stew... all is good.

NSV: Well I did have some lovely home made fruit salad again... but I added icing sugar (hanging head in shame) ! nite nite.


  1. Shopping... Awww you still havent done mine yet....

  2. Yay! your internet is up and running again! It was great to see you last night Chris, you are looking sooo much happier than when I saw you last week, and that's just bloody awesome :)

  3. What a gorgeous family...and how lucky are you to have such wonderful friends....hope you have lots of fun shopping and wrapping pressies .........

  4. Thanks for the "WOW" comment. Its how I'm feeling. I went to playgroup today in the Stax top and all the other nannies were like "gee you look lovely" "you look so different".. etc I just couldn't wear pretty stuff before and now I can. Night and day. I hope all your troubles dissolve, the house gets sold and everything turns out for the best :)

  5. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Goodness 16hours without internet would do my head in. I dont know wot i did before it was around.

    Lucky u all ur shopping done and wrapped. I hope to have mine finished thursday :)

  6. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow:-) Hopefully all your worries sort out.

  7. HAHA! 'Tis the season -- your tree is up!

    How in the world did you live without the internet for that long!!!! ;)

    Ugh. Christmas shopping. I try to avoid malls at all cost and order everything online! The shipping cost is worth skipping mingling with the Christmas Crazies!

  8. Don't you just feel like your right arm has been cut off when you have no internet. Thank goodness it's fixed. I had organized the optus guy to come around, after I had done much complaining over no internet. Alas when I went into my bedroom, I realized that the phone cable had been unplugged, by my darling cherubs who got to it from under the house!!!Oooooops, I was so lucky I didn't get charged $100 service call!!

    I don't envy you the house selling/buying, dh moving thing...... Things will work out Chris, they just take longer sometimes.

    Gotta love the bling......remember to post a pic when you get it.

  9. See you tomorrow chickee. :)
    The family you have taken into your heart are just wondeful. Thanks for posting their pic.

  10. I am actually finally finished shopping myself...it is a good feeling!

    Now..the wrapping is another story!

  11. Lol @ Christmas bug - look on the bright side, there are worse bugs a girl could get :-)

  12. I am soooooooooooo jealous that you have all of your decor up and gifts wrapped. I need to wrap soon. I have my tree up, but i need to get stuff together and a presentable. I have maybe 2 gifts left to buy and then I am finished.

    Thanks for sharing the pics. You have awesome hair!!!!I am envious.

  13. They are an adorable family...

    I hope your shopping is as painless as possible ;) !

    Have a Merry Christmas! It so weird to me that you have it in the summer, lol.

  14. Thank you so much...It's funny seeing my picture on someone eleses blog...were pretty cute.

    I got your picture today. Thank you so much...it is so cute. I'm going to hang it in a bit, I will take a picture...

    Hope you had a good holiday.



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