Saturday, December 15, 2007


After the shit that's been going on around here, I have actually done NO HOUSEWORK since I got home! I finally unpacked my bag last night... didn't really want to either, would rather be anywhere but here right now.

Our Saturday Morning Get Together is 'on hold' now till after the Silly Season.... so I'm just meeting one friend this morning in town... she is going through hell too. Her husband was diagnosed with lung cancer last week.... so she is not is a good place right now.

Our Xmas plans are changed now too...we were going up to Whitianga for 2 weeks, but with everything that's going on here we just don't want to! It is such a long way to go, and Mike wants to stay home... LIKE HELL am I going to leave him to mess up the house for two whole weeks!

I feel like this blog is full of "woe is me" right now, and I hate that.... I am not normally a down sort of person, but in some situations that's just how it is eh? I wish I could just snap my fingers and magically find a unconditional buyer for this house, then we won't lose the house we want in Auckland. Somehow I don't think it will go like that.


  1. ((BIG BIG HUG)) Sorry to hear about all your woes. Men hmmmm enough said. What is it with kids these days? Mine are driving me crazy too. It must be something in the air. Hope you manage to straigthen things out with DH and salvage the rest of your weekend.

    Remember, "just breath". This too shall pass.

    Take care.

  2. Sorry to read that things are a bit stressed lately. The stress from all the house selling/buying thing will have all of you worked up and tense.

    I have heard it said that if the mother is stressed and tense then that affects the whole family.

    Try to take some time out and here's a (((BIIIIG HUUUUUG))) for you chicky.

    Love ya xx

  3. Awwww, sorry to hear that your plans seem to be falling by the wayside right now :-(

    Hopefully things will settle down for the New Year and you'll be able to get back into your stride again!

    Chin up chuck!

    LL x

  4. Chris - sorry to hear life is so crappy right now. Please you know where I am if you need a talk, cup of coffee etc. Without mentioning names - it's not our other WW buddy's husband that has tihe diagnosis is it? If it is please tell her so sorry to hear.

    Kids - you never ever stop worrying about them.

  5. Oh honey, I wish I could help, you're right though - shit DOES happen - lots of it - big hugs and I hope you can sort it all out very soon.

  6. This is a horribly stressful time of year, and can be really hard on families, let alone with the additional pressures you guys are under with trying to sell your house and relocate to Auckland. Hang in there Chris, it'll get better, and remember you're welcome around here anytime you want some breathing space :)

  7. I'm with Teresa... It will pass.. kissmass is a very stressful time and it is probably part of whats going on at your house too...
    Try not to be impatient.. remember you wanted the "right family" in your home.. not just anyone.. well the right family just arent ready yet.. I am sure soon after kissmass the right family will sign the papers..
    Hugs to you...

  8. I am going to have to read down to see what's going on. I am already sending you a hug though. It'a a long distance one but I have really long arms so you should be able to feel it.

  9. Chin up tiger. It'll all be over soon, and the new year will be good news. I can feel it!

  10. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Gorgeous flowers, Im glad u and stew are back on track. I hope u have a lovely weekend and that 2moro brings that buyer that u need and want.

  11. DIET COKE ROCKS is the name of your blog? I love you already and I just found you today. I am seriously addicted to the stuff - I write about it often.

    Nice blog - I'll be back! :-)


  12. are you having scooter withdrawals? i did when i sold mine...i still do sometimes...i had a little pink one - it was soo cool.....yay for money!!!

  13. aaaaarrrgghhh. And I think having three little boys is tough! What's it going to be like with teenagers??

    I will keep my fingers crossed a buyer comes soon, and that you don't miss out on the house in Auckland.

    My dh and I don't argue often either, (more than twice though lol) but it's an awful feeling when you do, and so nice when you can sit down and talk and work things out again. Your flowers are beautiful.

  14. Woes suck. It sounds like a Stressful time on your end. **Deep Breaths**
    On the upside flowers and a pile of money are fun!!! =)

  15. Did you ever have any doubts you two were Not the loves of each others lives? You two are soul mates through and through.

    Have a good weekend mate!

  16. Oh dear, so much going on for you right now and all around bloody Xmas!! Those flowers are just beautiful!!! Lucky tart eh?
    Things will get better im sure..everything will fall into place as it should. even tho you are probably sick of hearing that!!!

  17. awwwwwwwww gorgeous flowers....glad you and hubby are on the same page again....

    Kids ehhhhh, the bigger they are the more trouble they are ehhhh??

    Keep smiling.....

  18. No house work!!! Good on you!

  19. Thank goodness you have both managed to sort things out. Whatever happens with Mike's career will be, and unfortunately there's not a lot you can do to change that now he's an "adult".

    big happy smiley *hugs* to you my friend :)

  20. Glad all is good.. nothing worse than upheaveal...


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