Friday, December 28, 2007


We have decided to go back to Wellington today as the Suit shop Stew wanted to look in was closed on Boxing Day..... like I mind having to go back! Not at all, shopping is my No# 1 LOVE !

This time we are taking Brylee and Griffin with us, they need to get outta the house ... and Griffin actually LOVES shopping too ! Weird boy.

What else? Well I still havn't quite got on track.... it's all the bloody evil food in the house and my lack of restraint. I think I am going to have to walk around naked for a while just to see how my bits wobble to remind myself why I need to do this ! Maybe not today out shopping though eh? lol .


  1. hahaha walking around the house naked to see your wobbly bits... thats quite a good idea... I should try it some time... I would never dare to eat again! haha. Have a nice day shopping! Dont worry much about the gain, you will get those 6kg off again. I know how you feel though... it is bloody hard work this weight loss thing. :)

  2. Bugger about the gain - just letting you know I have started blogging again in my original blog and it is now public again.

    Cheers Jaxx

  3. Oy I thought you threw out the naughty food!!!

  4. No honey! You don't need to starve....that's the worst thing you can do. What exactly are you eating, when are you eating it, and what exercise are you doing? You need to eat consitstent, balanced meals, and have a consistent exercise plan....that is the key. Hope you enjoyed your shopping though!

  5. Never give up!!! this year is nearly finished and a new one will be positive for everyone!!!

    I to just have to LOOK at food and it jumps on me too.

    We'll get there!!!!

  6. I have gained weight recently too. Aarrrghh... but 6 kilos DOES sound like quite a lot.

    Have you had your thyroid checked out? Maybe it's under-active? With a blood test they can find out. Other symptoms include tiredness, constipation and sensitivity to the cold.

    I'm not a doctor but I think an under or over-active thyroid is quite common!

  7. Well I guess I am right behind you in the gaining weight I have gained 5 kgs so am p...ed off. I had the same thoughts how come other people eat and have a good time and I have to starve and walk miles. hope you enjoy the shopping I am too depressed to go any where :( So now I am thinking of just staying home new years cause then I wont be tempted by the evils of food and drink and the mood I am in who wants me at their party lol.
    Have a good week I am trying:)

  8. Silly bloody season aye... ok so you had a gain... get back on track get those fucken crap foods out of your house they aren't helping and lets get this weight off.. no more excuses K???

    Love ya
    Big hugs

  9. Anonymous12:42 PM

    6 kgs in 2 weeks is more than likely a lot of fluid. Dont feel disheartened. You can do this

  10. I bet some of that is just water weight. Chances ate a lot of salty food and that will swell me up like a BALLOON! I do feel your pain on the weight is a DIRTY word around here, as I have put on a few myself!

    Hope the new year is better!

  11. Oh shit, I'm crying with you. I think my numbers will be similar.

    Hope your retails therapy helps!

  12. There is absolutely no way you can gain 3kgs of fat in one week ... it is physiologically IMPOSSIBLE so it must be something else ... fluid, food in your system, monthly ...

    So it will come off as quickly as it went on.

    Get back into it mate, this aint gonna stop you getting back to goal. I know how much you want it!!

  13. Hmmm I am liking the fluid retention theory.... I have had shit loads of salty food.... aye Chris... we are full of water!!!
    Ha ha... I am right up there with ya on the fatty poomba weight gain thing... amazing how much damage we can do in two weeks!!!

  14. Phew- thank god you averted the accident! I can imagine that you would be quite shakey now!

    6 kilos- Holy Crap!!! That is quite shocking. I haven't braved the scales yet, so at least you are facing up to it. This is te best time of year to make some changes and get yourself back on track, don't let excuses like the school holidays and moving house get to you, you can do it regardless!

  15. I say pfffft to your 6kg gain - girl, when you focus, you can (and have) lose 1/2 that in your first week!

    I'm having trouble getting my head around the idea of you out shopping and not buying anything though... that's just not right! hehe

    Wanna go for a walk tomorrow? text me if ya do - we could take the kids over to the school park and have a yack while they play... just a thought :)

  16. Shopping must burn loads of calories! Maybe you should go and do some more?!!

  17. Don't starve we just need to cut out the naughty foods and a lot of it will come off naturally but that along with healthy eating well, we just can't lose can we....well, we can AND WILL but you know what I mean.

    Hugs to ya xx

  18. Lol @ buying nothing on a day of shopping - that would be a record for me too!

    You've gotten to goal before so you know you have what it takes to do it again! It's amazing how easy it is to bloody gain the weight and how much harder it is to lose - i'm sure there's some logic in there for us in regards to avoiding gaining ... lol ... but cut yourself some slack - put it down to Christmas gain and get back on track - I bet you at least 3 of those kilos will be gone by this time next week.

    And yeah, I haven't been 100% on track today either - however I have been better than what I was leading up to Christmas so that's something at least.

  19. hope te nerves have settled after the near miss it does shake the be-jeepers out of ya doesnt it.

    yup walking around naked seeing all the wobbly bits would do it

  20. Ahhh haaa haaa girl..
    I am the same weigh, I mean WAY!
    hee hee...

    I can't stop eating...
    I am gaining and gaining...

    I hate food.


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