Monday, December 17, 2007


The kids finish school on thursday, so I am going mad for the next couple of days and shopping.... must find something for my hubby.... and me! I am leaning towards another ring.... well... I AM A GIRL EH?

I was going to get a Pandora bracelet but have changed my mind.... they are lovely but I already have a lovely bracelet and bangle....

Also, a girlfriend just moved into her new house on saturday, so am going to visit her too. I am so envious, she sold and bought in 6 weeks flat. Lucky tart. When I think of our situation my heart just drops.... Stew will be living and working in Auckland from January the 7th..... permanently!!! He will only be home once a fortnight for a weekend. How the hell and I going to cope with that?

***QUICK SLAP AROUND ME HEAD***...I am trying to be positive today..... no more bitching! You poor buggers must be sick to bloody death of me moaning and groaning!

Right .. where was I? Oh yeah, shopping....... yipee! Off I go.


  1. Shopping!!!!! Have fun :) Loved your dinner last night. Ours was much the same. A ham & pickle sandwich followed by fresh fruit salad and yoghurt. No bloody ice cream left...LOL. Will be in town on Wednesday, shall we try for a catch up with Anne? Have an appt at 12 noon which should take less than an hour. What da ya think???? Either before or after....I'm a free woman!!!!!!!

  2. Moving house is never an easy thing so you are bound to be getting stressed about it all and that is totally understandable.

    You have the most gorgeous home and I am sure that someone will snap it up soon enough!!

    Keeping thinking positive thoughts hun ;-)


    LL x

  3. Can you do my kissmass shopping too Chris puleeeeeeeeeeeese....

  4. The schools don't break up for the Christmas until Friday here.

    Have fun shopping

    Hugs to ya xx

  5. LOVE shopping!.. I must confess to snapping up some nice things for myself recently as I've been squirrelling Chrissy things away for others.

  6. Anonymous12:47 PM

    OOOOHHHHHHHHHH Shopping Love it!!!

    Have fun

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  8. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Ohhh mucho excitement ur going to get some bling for xmas. Cant wait to c the piccies after he presents it to u dec 25.

  9. It is hard to keep happy when a lot of shit is happening around you .... I know excatly how you feel lately .... Chin up chooky, I wish I lived closer to give you a hand .......

  10. That's so nice of hubby to get that for you. My wife does that to me too sometimes.

  11. Love your shopping :) Anne is looking at a cafe for us for lunch. Probably about 1pm if thats ok with you :)

  12. Yes they need hints dont they!!

  13. Oh you big tease posting a picture of the box. Can't wait to see what was in it.

    You do sound a bit brighter today. Hey life sucks sometimes but it's what you make of it that counts.

    I truly believe everthing happens for a reason.

  14. Thats just soooooo not on..... time to give telecom the boot girl!!!

  15. awwww just wrote this comment and it wouldn't allow me to do it so now starting all over again!! i hope ur internet is fixed soon...

    keep thinking positive about the house put the vibes out there :)

    can't wait to see what stew gets you :)

  16. Glad to hear that you and Stew have made up!

    And a new piece of jewelry sounds like a FABULOUS Christmas gift!

  17. I planned to make the most of this week too being the last week of school but it's filled with graduations, christmas assemblies and other school related events!


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