Thursday, December 20, 2007

SCHOOL FINISHES TODAY AT MIDDAY....(45 sleeps till they go back)

Am I looking forward to the kids being home for nearly 7 weeks???

LIKE HELL! But.... there are some bonus's... no having to get them to school on time, no having to work around picking them up at 3 pm... no lunches have to be made in the morning (like I did them! Stew did!), no getting uniforms ready..... so maybe I should be happy?

So, I'm going to try and view it with a positive attitude!

This morning I'm going into town (again), Stew's work are having a morning tea 'shout' so I'm going..... will try to make some wise choices.... and do a bit more shopping for Christmas. Onward....

I have decided: so many of 'you' have asked me ... I will spill....

Daughter No# 2 decided to have a baby... god knows why... so she did.. left the biological father as soon as she got pregnant. Had Brylee, kept her (part time, cos I had her every evening and weekends) for 10 weeks then decided it was all too much effort for her... so dropped her off and left.... without telling us she had no intention of coming back! When she did come back, we went and got legal custody of Brylee.

A few months later, she turned up again.. pregnant again... too late for an abortion... so it was decided (after much agonising) that we would have that baby too... not much choice really. Griffin was born and handed to me immediatley and that was that, she buggered off again after only 3 days, having signed the legal custody papers over to us.

FATHERS? Brylee's has never met her, nor has his family, they 'do not want to know'. Griffin's? NO IDEA REALLY! Must have been a bloody good looking big bloke.

Our daughter has seen Brylee and Griffin very rarely, in fact she has only seen them once in the past 2 years. Her choice.
So there ya go. Some useless information for ya.

Our daughter is now and always has been.... on a benefit of some sort or another... lives for the next party... the next boyfriend..... sleeps most of the day, parties most of the night. I still love her, she will always be our daughter that we care about very much... does not mean we have to like her lifestyle or life choices.

Morning tea was lovely, I had a bit of everything! Still don't think I was evil though! Have now picked up the kids.... countdown begins!

Feeling a bit jaded this afternoon.... above is our Christmas tree.... wanted to take Izzy for a walk but she's still being a 'girl' having her monthly! Drat.
Kids are watching telly, thank god for cartoons eh? It will be great once 'Santa' has been, lots of new stuff to keep them occupied.

MARGARET: You are right! I can be a hard nosed bitch... for sure.... when people/kids get up my nose! But my motto in life is 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you'.... so I try not to be nasty too often! No sweetie, I am not offended! I am an 'up front' person... bang on! I like that about myself, no bullshit coming from me! I say it how it is.

End of Day: it's been really nice! Quiet too.

NSV: Pretty good on food consumption... had some tinned chicken.. it tasted and smelt just like salmon! Was kinda eewwww. lol. nite nite.

8.58pm WOW!!! We just had a hooah of a big earthquake, it went on and on and on......... the whole house rocked and shook!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!! Update: earthquake measured 6.8 on richter scale, caused damage in Gisbourne which is on the coast about 5 hours away from here.


  1. The kids are home for 7 WEEKS? You poor thing. I imagine your posts are going to be even more amusing than normal!

    Make wise choices!! ;)

  2. Wow! Seven weeks? I should think that would be enough to try your patience, LOL.

    Good luck with making wise food choices! I am sure that you'll be just fine. I hope you had an enjoyable day...

    LL x

  3. My days are so much longer when the kids are on holidays... I have to be out of the house by 8am to get them to the holiday child care program and then me back to work!!! arghhh long day for us all.. then I usually get home about 6pmish....
    Oh well the joys of working...
    enjoy your day... you still havent done my bloody kissmass shopping yet!!!

  4. I start two weeks holiday as of friday night...woooooofknhooooooo
    Kids are dissapointed as they want to go straight into the holiday program..little shits...
    might just send em anyway then i do actually get two weeks break.. from everyone!! hahaha
    nah too dear to have then in for that long... $35 a day each child.... hmmm that means I will be working for about $10 a day... yippee... NOT!!! nah not that bad.. gov will subsidise a little of it... (i hope)

  5. I remember the days when we left school at Midday for Summer holidays and by the end of that holiday I was ready to go back to school... lol... will be thinking of ya...

  6. I have always wondered. You are an angel Chris because it does take some much to look after kids even when they are your own. I hope you congratulate yourself every day for being such a trojan. Do you and your daughter still see eye to eye? I hope she's had her tubes tied.

  7. There are a lot of grandparents raising grandkids. Lots of them, and lots of stories just like your own.

    ....regarding your "piece of shit" comment on my blog: priceless! Now see, that's something I'd do!

  8. It breaks my heart about your daughter and her life choices. Still, those two children have a wonderful, loving home and that is what is important.

  9. Well you are a wonderful mother/grandmother. those children are very lucky to have you both on their side. One day your daughter might just wake up and realize what she has done?..maybe?

    Hmm holidays and children..Im counting the sleeps til they go back to!@!!! arrgghhhhhhhh.

  10. I think those kids (all of them) are very lucky to have you Chris. You're a great mum.

  11. Ahhhhh know where your coming from ......same here ...we will survive lol

  12. You know sometimes you can come across as a "hard nosed" b@#$%, well in fact youre a bloody angel, not many would take on one never mind two grand kids and raise them as there own, I salute you and will raise my glass to you, you are an amazing women who deserves only the best that life can offer.... Have a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year.


  13. Hi! Hope you don't mind me stopping by...saw you on another blog and wanted to check you out he he!
    What an honest! how open and good on you-I know how tough it can be-my husbands parents have raised all 3 of his sisters kids-and I have to say-I cannot believe by your profile pic that you are a grandmother! New Zealand must be great for your skin!!!
    Cheers! Raechelle

  14. Those kids ARE lucky to have you, Chris :) You are an amazing woman!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours :)

  15. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Wot a wonderful grandma/ mummy u are to ur grandkids. They r very lucky to have u.

    Love ur xmas tree its gorgeous.

  16. Chrissie tree looks lovely - feels funny to think I've actually stood just in front of where it is and can visualise the rest of the room - quite bizarre really. Hope you have a fabulous Christmas - it's always special when you have little kids there - can just imagine those four little eyes lighting up! And here's to 2008 - a very exciting year for you with a move to a new vibrant city. Woo hoo girl! Love Zxx

  17. Oh dear you sweet thing I hope you didnt take offence at the Hard nosed bit, I have never perchieved you to be like that, you are just totally upfront!!!



  18. Your daughter, and especially your grand kids are very very blessed to have you, and fortunate that you were able to take them in. I had thought it was a reason like to why you had the little ones.

    The school holidays are long, and I decided long ago, that they were for Mum too. So I put the kids into holiday care two days per week. Two days a week, where I can do my groceries, get my hair done, or just stay at home in peace and quiet. Just bliss. The kids get to play with their friends and I have some quiet and I always look forward to picking them up. I am sure some Mums think I am a 'bad' mother for using care even when I am not working, but hey, it's my life too. Being a martyr doesn't sit well with me, and I don't see martyrs being happy either lol......

    Hope you can manage the 7 weeks, I know it's not easy with young ones.

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  20. LOL - just saw your comment on my blog and as you know - didn't feel a thing up here!! Too busy on the phone to my sister maybe..

    I reckon you are an angel taking on Brylee & Griffin. I know as much as I love ours even taking care of them for a couple of days is a handful. Brylee & Griffin are lucky kids to have such a loving family around them.

    Hope the earthquakes are over for tonight......

  21. 45 sleeps and counting!! Sure it was an earth quake?!

  22. Chris your such a wonderful Mom. ((HUGS)). All the best for a fun filled joyous Christmas and New Year.

  23. Your grandchildren are fortunate to have you.

  24. Tinned chicken? Interesting concept.


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