Wednesday, December 05, 2007


This will be quick.... spent too long last night looking at houses on the 'net... far out there's a lot up in Auckland to choose from!!!

Got to get going now, kids need feeding, lunches making, house quickly tidied before I go to work.

It's my last day at the Hospice Shop today, feel sad about that but it can't be helped.


  1. There are craploads of houses in Aucks... just avoid Sth Auck like the bubonic plague.
    And ya may have cats but it was the "duurrrr" that got me (hahaha) it was just so YOU. :)

  2. Awwe...last day at the hospice.

    Yep all my boys are tall. I am 5`4" and James is up to my shoulders and he is 8 on Sunday, Adam is 5` 8" tall when I last measured him a month or so ago and he is ONLY 12 years old and Michael is about 6" something, so yep all my boys are tall people.

    My dad and brother are tall so maybe that is where it comes from.

    James is not camera shy at all he just loves to be in the front whenever a camera comes out....heehee he is a fabulous little funny and happy

    I hope your day goes just as you want it.
    I will be back later.

    Huge hugs to you xx

  3. Ooo, we had the same problem last year with cheese slices sticking to the blooming wrappers. Even though they were kept in the fridge, we found that the heat wave made them all sticky even though they were only out in the air for barely 5 mins.

    I really don't know what the answer is. *We* gave up on the in the end! Haha.

    It will be interesting to hear what the manufacturers have to say about it though...

  4. HeeeHeee....I had to laugh at the cheese.

    Can you not maybe heat a plate up and lay it onto the plate and then peel the cheese off the plastic wrapper?.....Ummmm....maybe.

    Sorry that was probably a useless idea.

    Peel the wrapper away from the cheese rather than the cheese away from the wrapper from the back of the wrapper, if you get what I mean, that is usually what I do


    Hugs hun xx

  5. A Dork Chris!

    No comment. Haha.


    Bet you've been playing with your pen too much.

  6. Very funny Chris I had to laugh at you thinking it was thursday, as I was reading I was thinking " Oh Chris must be working wednesday instead of thursday" then reading abit further that you had your days mixed up.

    Well enjoy your day now with no work.
    cya jill

  7. Well I'm a dingbat too. I can't figure out how you put your blogs viewed in alphabetical order?? ANd how do you write a bit, publish it and go back later and add to same blog huh?

    I hope Stew is enjoying his week in Jafaland. We're coping ... just! Had a huge, huge morning tea shout again yesterday but we couldn't eat it all.. damn shame!

    You haven't been into check on us yet. We've decided in Jan we'll go into mourning missing Stew(so have mornings off)and then we can try stress leave cause we obviously ain't getting a new boss in a hurry!!! After that, well can't have babies so might have to come back to work!!!

    Only Two more sleeps for ya Chris.

  8. South Auckland is notorious for breakins, burglaries, and other crimes. I would echo those who say 'stay away!'

  9. *pissing myself laughing* umm.... derr!!! *giggles*

  10. OH dear what a topsy turvey morning!!

    Bloody cheese alright, how annoying!!! You should get free stuff off them if you emailed them!!

    Well you'll be pleased when Mr C gets back:)

  11. Lve the pics from yesterday, looks like a fun day!

    Good luck with the house hunting, equal parts exciting and frustrating I am sure!

    LOL at the cheese slices, I can just imagine what was coming out of your mouth as that happened... :-)

  12. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Im glad that im not the only one who gets confused as to what day it is.

    2 more sleeps and Stew will be back

    Good luck with the cheese, what a nightmare. Hopefully they will get you free stuff that you can actually get out of the wrapper to eat.

  13. South Auckland is considered the Bronx from what I hear. That is where a lot of the trouble is, it's like Highfield in Palmy, or Cannons Creek in Wellington. Not saying that there aren't lovely law abiding citizens living there as well but also where the lower socioeconomic side of life is dwelling, and doing criminal things.

  14. Lol, and you say 5 days without Stew and you're managing!!!! Then the cheese fiasco and going to work on the wrong day. Yeah right.

    Only two more sleeps though.

    Had a ball last night with Anne and Craig. They're a great couple. Shared a few laughs and some wines, as you do.

  15. chick please read my latest blog entry, it may be the last. K

  16. hey Chris glad I'm not the only one can't make head nor tails of what day of the week it is-many a day I check the clock on the computer to tell me what day it is.

  17. What is the deal with the real estate agents? They can't help you sell and they can't help you buy.

  18. ohhhhhhhh not around for a few days...and everything happens....!!!

    awwwwww last day at the hospice...awwwwwww shucks!!


  19. yep, I hate cheese that sticks to the wrapper...

    I like to say:

    that's fuped duck!


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