Monday, December 03, 2007


1st thing today... take Stew out to the Airport to catch his 8.20am flight to Auckland... he's home on Friday night. Booo hooo.

2nd - Kids to school by 9am

3rd - Get to hospital by 9.15am for ECG (oh joy!)

4th - Get home and bloody relax!

Oh yeah... Izzy had a wonderful time at my girlfriend's yesterday too... the little tart ruled the roost it would appear!

Right... let's get this day started, the sooner Stew is away, the sooner he is home again.

Just to keep you amused while I'm out and about, here's some of the Calendar Photos:

"Roderick" the chook at Moxie's having a muffin... something Stew OFTEN got himself for morning tea...

Roderick the Chook in Stew's wardrobe amongst his ties, in his Union Jack shoes and doing "I have no idea" on his knees!

Roderick the Chook outside the Panel Beaters, where Stew's new Toyota spent most of it's first few months!!!!

OH!!! Forgot to mention.... I am having some guests for dinner tonight.... Anne and Bloss from Australia, another blogger to meet! Also coming is Anne and Peter from Palmy and hopefully Janene. Stew would have loved to be here... but alas work calls.

The ECG went well, I did not have to flash me boobs, this is good! No results.. they are being sent to my GP, but I'm sure they were fine.

Open Home yesterday, slow, only 2 groups through. No change on our situation.

Been getting dinner sorted, have it in hand so can relax for now. Yaaa!

End of Day: Fantastic get together with Anne/Peter, Anne/Bloss (who does have a 'real' name!).... dinner was devine, company was excellent, conversation flowed no problems .... and it was nite nite at 10.30pm.

NSV: O errrr... NONE! Had a few drinks, a good dinner and hot apple pie for desert! Photos to come tomorrow, to tired now! nite nite.


  1. I wouldn't be worried bout the ecg, you'll fly through!!

    How cool have the travelling tart for dinner!! Say a big hi to her from me!! Will be thinkin of ya all having a big gas bag!

  2. Bye bye Stew.....
    I am sure you will be fine this week Chris...
    Love the calendar... She put alot of effort into that!! The chook is awesome too!!!
    I would love one of those to sit ontop of my egg box in the kitchen!!!

  3. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Hope the ECG goes well

    Have a wonderful dinner party tonight it sounds like great fun.

    Hopefully this week goes quickly for u and Stew will be back before long.

    How did the open house go yesterday?

  4. :)
    Hope Stew's safe & hurries home to you!

  5. What a lucky chook - getting to see the sights!

    Have a lovely dinner tonight :)

  6. I am sure the results will be fine.

    Love the calendar hun he he he.

    Love CM

  7. Glad the ECG went well. That's one less thing for you to worry about.

    Wow, been catching up over the last few days and you've been busy. What a wonderful thing Karen did for Stew. A lot of effort and thought went into that. Shows you how valued Stew is with his staff.

    Enjoy your dinner and get together tonight. A big hi to Anni and Bloss from me. Will be thinking of you all.

  8. You and I are both "job widows" this week - Stu is off at a Xmas do tonight then Australia later in the week and Wellington next week. Never mind, I actually quite enjoy a little time out.

  9. Hope your ECG goes well today Chris. Hope your dinner goes well tonight and that you don't miss Stew too much.

  10. Good news that the ECG went well! You guys have a great night tonight.

  11. Glad to hear the ECG went well.

  12. Friday will be here in no time.

    Fab calender

    Pleased you enjoyed your dinner!!

    Back tomorrow.

    Hugs to you xx

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  14. Yummmmm, apple pie! Glad you had a fun night- can't have a victory every day and anyway, isn't having fun victory enough, it is more then some people can manage...

  15. Glad the ECG went well! It's a shame you didn't have to flash your boobs though - I'm sure it would've made an amusing post! ;)


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