Sunday, December 16, 2007


Here we go, our last chance to sell this house before the Xmas Break.... next open home won't be until Jan 13th.... so I am crossing EVERYTHING!!! we get a buyer today.

And here is something weird.... my fluid retention is at an all time LOW.... and the only thing I have been doing different is.... DRINKING HEAPS MORE DIET COKE! Hmmmmmm..... let me think about this... Diet Coke is supposed to be bad for me, yet I have been drinking about 2 litres a day this week and my fluid retention has gotten 100% better? Before upping the Diet Coke I was having ice (gallons of it) and it made no difference. So, I think I will continue drinking my Diet Coke eh? YEEE HA!.

Ok, time to make my latte and then get cracking on the housework that MUST BE DONE today....


  1. Re-Comment
    LOL at your comment. I would much rather be doing the washing than cleaning loo's.....I HATE LOO'S....BLEURGH!!

    I wash just about everything and I only ever half fill the washer at the most. I do like the smell of clean laundry and so a slight mark and into the machine it goes.
    I washed my furniture covers the other day, if it comes off then into the machine it goes....teehee.
    At the weekend I have extra washing because of work and school things also.

    Strange that drinkng the Coke is helping with the water retention, but if that is what works for you.

    Enjoy your day of cleaning...*snigger*

    Enjoy your day

    Hugs to ya xx

  2. 2 litres every day of the week??? I wonder how drinking soft drink helps with less fluid retention? Hmmm maybe you have stumbled onto something there Chris! Hope your house gets sold quickly and with ease! Good luck! Amanda :)

  3. I so so hope you get a sale on your house, that would be fantastic for you. I remember we viwed our house right before hristmas, we didn't actually move in till Jan/Feb though!
    Is your diet coke caffeine free? I would get the jitters if I drank that much coke (with caffeine)XCathy

  4. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Good luck for the open home and also want to wish you a Merry Christmas and fantastic New year.

  5. Good luck girlfriend!!!

  6. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Good luck with the open house today.

    The diet coke has helped with they fluid retention because the caffeine in it acts as a diuretic which makes u pee more.

  7. Well thats frustrating for ya then!! Bloody buyers, Its the wrong time of the year tho:( Not that that is of comfort sorry..
    Christmas is overated and Im OVER it to!!!

  8. Oh the nerve of those home buyers - you'd think they would realise by now that you are sitting in their dream house!!!!

    Christmas is such a great time of the year but when you're trying to sell homes, build, renovate etc it sucks! I remember last Christmas only too well when we were selling, we took the first offer on our house for fear it might be the only one we'd get in time, and then moved to our new house 5 days before our first Christmas as a family with visitors all day - it's not something I would want to repeat in a hurry.

    As to the diet coke - interesting hey? Whatever works, i'm always "trying" to lift my water intake but quite often it doesn't actually happen.

    Hope the grocery shopping improved your mood slightly!!!

  9. Bugger about the house, but still everything happens for a reason honey. I am glad you and Stew are okay.

  10. Sorry to hear about your open home not going as you wanted it but am happy to hear you sorted things out with hubby were gorgeous:)....interesting to see that diet coke acts as a diuretic, wonder if coke zero works the same way .....

  11. Yes all the best!

  12. Hey hun

    I am back... well done on sorting out a header... so are you keeping the one there or do you want the other one back? You didn't tell me in the text babe.

    I am sure you will sell your house at the start of the year babe and there is a reason it hasn't sold yet... maybe there is going to be a perfect buyer that will pay more... hmmm

    Anyway love ya

  13. Could you explain the $550 ??? How long for ...

    I really feel for you and all the stress you are feeling at the moment. I can't imagine what it must be like so big hugs to you xx

  14. Just caught up on everything.

    Sounds like you've been through some bloody stress in the past week. Sheeesh.

    I hope this open house brings a buyer.

  15. Do people there buy off of open houses? Lots of times here we do not have an open house, usually only the snoopy neighbors come by then anyway. Most sales are from agents bringing their clients by one at a time.


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